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New Year’s Resolution – Move Your Business Systems to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics!

Tired of making New Year’s Resolutions that you won’t stick to, and falling back to your old ways? This year, why not vow to improve your piece of mind? If you’re ready for real change, move your business data to the cloud, where it’s safe with robust Microsoft Dynamics from The TM Group! But wait, there’s more! If you act now, you’ll sleep better and run your business more confidently, this year!   Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution utilized by more than 130,000 organizations worldwide. Being integrated with Microsoft’s Office 365… Read more

How Santa Manages His Workshop with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was pleased. Operation “North Pole” was being executed with ease. Thanks to a recent implementation of Microsoft Dynamics from The TM Group, Santa has complete operational visibility and is always in the loop. With Business Central, he keeps tabs on the workshop, tools and accounting, while the field service module helps him plan world-wide deliveries abounding! The Customer Engagement solution keeps track of who’s naughty and nice. And with that kind of visibility, he doesn’t have to think twice! Thanks to the internet of things, Santa plans his route and stays informed, while… Read more

How to overcome ERP implementation setbacks caused by COVID-19

History will be the ultimate decider exactly how 2020 will be remembered, but a potential title for this unusual period is “Year of the Postponement.” From professional sports to seasonal fairs, weddings to entire businesses, the long-lasting, ongoing effects of the novel coronavirus has led to numerous complications. It’s understandable why, given the highly contagious pathogen has tragically claimed more than 750,000 lives and infected more than 20.6 million people around the world, according to the most recent estimates from Johns Hopkins University & Medicine.   Essentially, the pandemic has brought life as we know it, to a halt.  … Read more

How ERP Can Keep Your Supply Chain Buoyant in Troubled Economic Waters

A healthy supply chain can be an anchor of stability and security when waves of economic uncertainty come crashing down. If anything was especially hard-hit when COVID-19 first struck like a tidal wave, it was this portion of business owners’ operations. Regardless of a company’s size, supply chains worldwide felt the adverse effects. Purchased products that would typically package and ship the same day they were ordered, suddenly took several weeks to arrive and items that were already expected to experience shortages – such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies – were even harder to keep stocked than managers anticipated…. Read more

Energy Management Consultancy Sees the Light with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM, Power BI

The Client A lighting and energy consulting company that specializes in servicing storefronts with high-efficiency technology. These systems are designed to help businesses save money on the cost of utilities.   The Challenge More than anything else, this client struggled with visibility, in terms of data collection, tracking expenses, and cataloging various work orders. For several years, it had primarily relied on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for tracking data and changing it whenever necessary. This created time management problems and issues with accuracy.   The company also ran into difficulties related to reporting and tracking some of their supply chain and… Read more

Trade group gets more than it bargains for by switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client A manufacturing trade organization based in the Midwest, which holds sponsored events for members to attend throughout the year.   The Challenge For many years, this client was successfully using Microsoft Dynamics SL, the enterprise resource planning software system that is primarily geared for small and medium-sized businesses and projects driven organizations. While effective, it lacked the functionality and remote access that the client truly wanted. Thus, they were looking to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft’s most recent cloud-based ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Yet because the client wanted six of its member companies to transition… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics GP Picked as a Leading Accounting Software Program

In a day and age where everything seems to be about finding the next big thing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has understandably received the lion’s share of media attention within the information and computer technology space.   It’s little wonder why, both the enterprise resource planning platform and customer relationship management version offers incredible visibility and flexibility for business owners.   But Microsoft Dynamics GP – the predecessor to 365 – is still around and continues to receive rave reviews from the likes of 360Quadrants, which recently named the accounting software as being among the very best for small and mid-sized… Read more

How Teamwork Turned a Face Mask Shortage into a Surplus

Once primarily worn in health care settings and where breathing conditions are poor, the face mask has become as ubiquitous as the smartphone. Suddenly, everyone seems to own one. More people donning them is in response to the novel coronavirus, as the coverings help to minimize the spread of the disease, which health experts believe is primarily spread by airborne transmission.   While omnipresent today, face masks were fairly hard to come by when the pandemic first emerged, impacted by supply chain disruption and growth in health care workers using them to treat patients with the disease without themselves becoming… Read more

Growing wealth management firm seeks reporting, consolidating assistance

The Client Situation Although this single family office (SFO) organization is relatively new, many of its internal processes were being run on legacy software products inherited from their “parent” organization, making it difficult to seamlessly report and consolidate large quantities of real-time data. For example, the company first had to export source data from several disparate systems for their financial reporting and consolidation processes. While the process was never convenient, it was manageable  at the outset when the firm had only a handful of members, companies and investments. As the company’s scope and complexity has grown, the old way of… Read more

Terrible ‘Toos’: The Biggest Misconceptions of Upgrading Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Ever since the Microsoft Dynamics family of products was first introduced, it’s been in a constant state of reinvention and innovation. The latest iteration is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, its predecessor being Dynamics NAV which was branded Navision when Microsoft acquired it in 2002. BC/NAV/Navision has proven to be Microsoft’s most popular version of ERP with more than 110,000 companies using it worldwide.   Content with its capabilities and familiar with its interfaces, many business owners are reluctant to upgrade to Business Central, given the time and labor-intensive nature of implementation and data migration. In other words, the doubters… Read more