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Develop business leaders by employing an ERP system.
Develop business leaders by employing an ERP system.

Why migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Salesforce is a smart move

If small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, customers serve as SMBs’ sustenance: without them, survival is virtually impossible.   The sales process these days is about so much more than dollars and cents. It’s also about providing comprehensive customer support, engrossing customer engagements and a high-quality experience that encourages people to “come again,” whether online or in-store. E-commerce has fundamentally altered the ease with which people can shop from anywhere, whether at home, doing errands or at work. Customer relationship management software provides business owners like you with the capability to learn more about… Read more

ERP and CRM software help companies improve internal and external processes.
ERP and CRM software help companies improve internal and external processes.

A la carte pricing model comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

When it comes to choices for consumers and business owners alike, this is the golden age. Thanks in large measure to technological improvements, the ever-expanding internet and healthy competition, people have plenty to pick – from their side dishes at restaurants, to channels and stations with cable and streaming entertainment providers. In short, a la carte is all the rage. So, it may come as no surprise that Microsoft is taking a similar tack with its pricing for Dynamics 365 licensing. Effective in the opening days of last autumn, the plan-based licenses for Dynamics 365 are no longer an option…. Read more

What Is Dynamics 365?

From providing superior customer service to staying on top of operational costs, running a business is a contact sport. The decisions made, which inform your management style, ultimately determine whether you win or lose. But what if you had the business data that could enable you to make smarter, more well-informed decisions? With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you do. What is Dynamics 365? Originally released in November 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 are comprehensive customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions that, as its official website puts it, enables organizations large and small to evolve from timid, reactive business decisions to… Read more

Woman Holding a Small Gift
Woman Holding a Small Gift

Why Microsoft Power BI is the gift that keeps on giving

Christmas time is here once again – the season of perpetual hope, merriment, good tidings of great joy and gifts galore. What do you hope to find waiting for you under the tree this year? As a business owner, one of the very best presents you could possibly receive is Microsoft Power. Business Intelligence. Why? Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Power BI is a cloud-based data intelligence services bundle that, at its essence, enables users to not only seamlessly collect data, but package it in such a way as to make sense of it so that complicated,… Read more

The TM Group Expands into Indiana Through Acquisition of Pinnacle Microsoft Dynamics Practice

Farmington Hills, MI — December 1, 2019  The TM Group, Inc. recently opened a South Bend office and acquired the Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 Business Central practice formerly managed by Pinnacle of Indiana, an Advanced Imaging Solutions company.   This acquisition does not affect Pinnacle’s ongoing IT services for network support, servers, workstations, Microsoft Office 365 or other IT services. Earlier this year, Pinnacle needed additional support bandwidth for its Dynamics clients and formed a strategic partnership with The TM Group which then led to discussions and finalization of this acquisition.  According to Steve Klatt,… Read more

Develop business leaders by employing an ERP system.
Develop business leaders by employing an ERP system.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help with high expectation customers

It is said that if you come into any experience with low expectations, you’ll never be disappointed. But in an era of instant gratification, such a stance is unrealistic. If customers don’t receive the kind of service to which they’re entitled, many have no compunction about taking their business elsewhere. Whether in retail, hospitality, banking or any number of other business related to consumer as well as business-to-business transactions, the numbers prove as much. However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your company can better understand what it takes to satisfy your hardest-to-please customers in order to win them over and keep… Read more

How finance teams are leveraging automation

Americans have a love-hate relationship with automation. On the one hand, they readily recognize the tremendous amount of convenience it offers them in their personal and professional lives. But on the other, some fear the frequency with which it is utilized poses a threat to their livelihood. In a poll conducted by Gallup, nearly 60% of respondents said new technology – such as AI – had a greater potential for resulting in net job losses than offshoring. And roughly a quarter – 23% – worried about the possibility that they too could lose their jobs to artificial intelligence. AI assisting… Read more

Don’t Be Afraid: How Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Your Business

Did you ever read “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in high school? If you did, you know the legendary tale has a multidimensional plot about a complex creature – who was largely misunderstood. In many ways, the conclusions drawn by those who initially interacted with Victor Frankenstein’s monster are similar to what can happen when you make certain inferences about your data without the full story and structure of your business systems. Even if you didn’t read Shelly’s tome, you certainly know what the protagonist of the tale looks like: The haggard face, yellowish-green skin, and gangly arms and legs. In… Read more

Michigan health authority finds speed and efficiency through Sage Intacct

The Client Headquartered in northern Michigan, this nonprofit agency provides diagnostic and ongoing emotional and psychological health services. With a patient base residing in 10 of the state’s 83 counties, the agency obtains patients through the federal government’s Medicaid program. In addition to mental health, the firm also offers services for the elderly as well as those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Challenge The agency’s mission is straightforward: improving the mental and emotional health and well-being of the people who come in for treatment. The services rendered depend on the patient, but may include assessment, behavior treatment, occupational therapy… Read more

Embrace The Cloud

VISTATECH CENTER, SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE LIVONIA, MI TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2019 Join The TM Group, Michigan’s leading ERP & CRM provider in Embracing the Cloud at Vision! Vision is a FREE full-day event focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, 365 Business Central (NAV) & 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). At this conference, you can expect to learn from industry insight on the product road maps for all Dynamics solutions.  This event will begin with Microsoft Dynamics & The Microsoft Power Platform, which introduces the connection between Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Power Apps, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics Flow,… Read more