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Single-Family Office Streamlines Accounting Processes and Workflows with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client This client works is a single-family office for a well-known family credited with launching one of the most iconic food brands in the world, let alone the United States. While the family has since sold the company to another well known organization, they led it for over 50 years.    The Challenge Although the household name food brand is undoubtedly this single-family office’s most well-known enterprise, it also provides accounting, bookkeeping and operational services to a wide variety of other enterprises in a number of different industries in which the family has invested utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known… Read more

How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cost for Small to Mid Sized Organizations? | The TM Group

So you’re pretty sure you’ve got your mind made up about the software that will improve the productivity, efficiency and management of your business — you’re going with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have determined that this suite of automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications will address the specific needs of your small to midsize organization. The core Dynamics 365 applications for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) include Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sales, Service, and Marketing.  There are other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, but most are designed for enterprise organizations and are part of the… Read more

Understanding the Basics of ERP Migration

In a highly data intensive environment where virtually every business decision is guided by data and every observation can be measured and analyzed, an effective enterprise resource management (ERP) solution is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for remaining competitive. Whether it’s on-premise or a cloud solution, ERP software gives organizations the ability to manage all of their essential business processes by coordinating the flow, collection and intersection of data across the company. The alignment of processes and streamlining of data helps to improve data quality, consistency and accountability so leaders and managers can make sound decisions in virtually… Read more

Procurement Technology Brings Simplicity to Purchase Order Management

Contrary to what folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel crooned in their 1960s hit “I Am a Rock,” no person is an island. The same goes for a business. Big or small, it can’t reach its goals entirely on its own accord. From the employees that work for you to the customers that buy your organization’s products, maintaining a successful operation is a joint effort. And regardless of your specialty, your employees wouldn’t be able to produce the merchandise and services that buyers want without having the equipment, raw materials and workflows that make it all possible. After all, you… Read more

Don’t Be Duped by Dynamics GP Misinformation

The term “misinformation” gets tossed around in modern society quite a bit these days, frequently by lawmakers, political pundits and public figures. The word is so ubiquitous that it could have easily been in the running for Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Year” in 2021, even though “vaccine” won out. When users reference the term, or a post on social media is flagged as misinformation, it’s done to dispel rumors and let the reader know that the veracity of a claim is questionable or unknown. You can probably think of examples of misinformation about something you know to be false, regarding… Read more

What To Look For in an ERP Consulting Partner

Enterprise resource planning software is designed to bring added simplicity and visibility to the wide assortment of disparate business process activities that occur in the average day. From accounting to procurement, supply chain operations to cash management, mission-critical business functions such as these all occur simultaneously and across multiple departments. Business activities spread throughout the organization make it impossible to know what is happening at all times. ERP software ties them all together around a centralized database so you’re never in the dark as to where things stand with these processes – and neither are your employees. The successful utilization… Read more

Health Care Organizations Find Savings and Simplicity by Switching to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 from Microsoft GP

The Clients A group of community mental health (CMH) organizations. The Challenge  Reporting is a major priority for the health industry, regardless of providers’ specialties. Being publicly funded organizations, these mental health care providers all had a government reporting mandate that they needed to meet by a certain date. The hard deadline was October 1, 2021. That date marks the beginning of the fiscal year for government entities, both state and federal. Consequently, all eight of our clients needed to have their accounting software used for reporting set up and in place by Oct. 1 so they could fulfill their… Read more

Nonprofit Centralizes Data Management through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The Client A non-profit health care association based in the Midwest that specializes in patient advocacy, particularly for those experiencing economic hardship or other life circumstances that prevent them from accessing basic health services. Its mission as a non-profit is to improve the quality, affordability and value of health care for families in the region and help communities establish community health centers through customized training and staffing resources.    The Challenge For a business to be successful and make effective decisions, data visibility is essential. One way to go about this is to make data available to everyone, a process… Read more

Why CPAs Should Refer Your Clients to The TM Group | Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP

Your business clients turn to you for accounting and consulting services. But odds are they’re looking for work process solutions as well, whether they’re already in the cloud or seeking to migrate their data there. They’ll find the assistance they need through The TM Group. With more than 35 years of Microsoft software integration experience and clients in more than two dozen states — from various  industries — The TM Group is highly recommended by those who have worked with us previously. Indeed, more than 70% of our ongoing business derives from referrals.  By recommending clients to The TM Group… Read more

What to Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs GP

Enterprise resource planning is technology at its very finest. From supply chain management to advanced reporting to data analytics and more, ERP solutions leverage digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and internet of things capabilities to improve operations and unify workflows. It’s little wonder why nearly 90% of businesses agree that their ERP implementation has helped them achieve their goals, according to polling data compiled by SelectHub. But with so many ERP solution options available, you may not know which one is best. In fact, many software providers offer multiple ERP software suites, further complicating the selection process.  We can narrow it… Read more