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Your Ultimate Guide to ERP Implementation

Implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in your business can unlock transformative potential. However, covering the needs of all departments, from manufacturing to sales, while still coping with the process weaknesses of your day-to-day operations can be a challenge. Whether you choose a cloud ERP or an on-premises solution, the implementation process demands strategic planning. You must recognize that it’s more than just accounting software—it’s an integral step toward streamlining your operations and positioning your business for growth. As you navigate the complexities of integrating this system into your company’s fabric, having a trusted ERP implementation partner is key. They… Read more

The TM Group Recognized for the 14th Year in Bob Scott’s VAR Star for Outstanding Performance in ERP Solutions

The TM Group (TMG) is thrilled to announce its selection as one of Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2023. This prestigious recognition underscores The TM Group’s commitment to excellence in delivering top-notch consulting and development services to businesses seeking transformative with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and ERP applications. Bob Scott’s VAR Stars is an annual recognition that honors high-performing Value-Added Resellers (VARs) in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space. The selection process is rigorous and focuses on VARs that have demonstrated exceptional expertise, customer satisfaction, and a profound impact on their clients’ business operations. “Each year, 100 VAR Stars are picked… Read more

Unveiling Tomorrow’s Dynamics: Join Us at The TM Group’s Vision 2024 Microsoft Dynamics Client Conference!

Mark your calendars because something extraordinary is happening on Tuesday, May 21st, at the Vistatech Center in Livonia, Michigan – The TM Group’s Vision 2024 Microsoft Dynamics Client Conference! We’re turning the spotlight on the future of Microsoft Dynamics, and you’re invited to be a part of this transformative experience.  Event Details:  Date: May 21st, 2024  Location: Vistatech Center, Livonia, Michigan  Registration Link:  Who Should Attend:  Anyone from an organization that uses the following:  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Service, or Marketing  Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV What to Expect:  General Sessions for All Dynamics… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics GP End of Life: Support To Continue Beyond 2028

If you’ve heard about Microsoft’s April 2023 announcement to stop sales for new licenses of Dynamics GP in 2025, you’re probably wondering what it all means for your business. For now, there’s no need to worry, but as a trusted Microsoft Partner for countless enterprises, we’ll help you make the right decision to future-proof your setup for years to come.    What Exactly Did the Microsoft Dynamics GP Announcement Entail?  Most businesses are moving to the cloud. Consequently, Microsoft launched their Dynamics 365 cloud CRM and ERP solutions. Their on-premises Dynamics GP and SL solutions are not being released as… Read more

Elevating Family Office Efficiency With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution

The Client A well-established single-family office (SFO) faced significant challenges in modernizing their accounting and data management systems. Previously utilizing Dynamics SL, they sought a cloud-based, next-generation solution that would offer enhanced data access and reporting capabilities while giving them the flexibility needed to map their business processes.   The Challenge The client’s existing system, Dynamics SL, was nearing its end of life. The organization grappled with numerous manual accounting and reporting processes, making data consolidation for management decision making both time-consuming and inefficient. A significant pain point was their expense approval process, which was not integrated with their ERP… Read more

Frame of Mind series. Backdrop composed of human face wire-frame and fractal elements and suitable for use in the projects on mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness; Shutterstock ID 278524988; team: SMB
Frame of Mind series. Backdrop composed of human face wire-frame and fractal elements and suitable for use in the projects on mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness; Shutterstock ID 278524988; team: SMB

How artificial intelligence is being used to enhance ERP systems

If you follow the news, it can seem like artificial intelligence (AI) is added to pretty much everything these days. Yet, it’s worth looking into the details because AI tools can impact the overall processes around it, leading to new business models and processes. As a trusted partner of clients in many industries, we at the TM Group have followed the ERP landscape for decades, including the various ways in which vendors add AI technology to their products. If you’re curious about implementing AI-enabled ERP solutions in your business or unsure if you can trust them, you’re in the right… Read more

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP?

For many enterprises, an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system is already the backbone of business success. In 2022, 60% of executives stated that digital transformation was their most important driver of growth, and that trend will only continue to expand.  Still, some entrepreneurs hesitate to change their business operational solutions because they feel overwhelmed with the technical challenges involved. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk about the benefits of ERP software and the challenges in picking the right one.   Understanding ERP and Its Benefits In a nutshell, ERP refers to a business software suite… Read more

CRM vs Marketing Automation: Differences, Similarities and Synergies

The shift toward remote work and online shopping has transformed our everyday expectations. 79% of customers expect consistent interactions across a company’s departments, and yet more than half still complain about feeling treated like a number or having to repeat information to different sales reps. Companies are struggling to deliver on customers’ rising expectations. One response to these challenges can be noted in the growing market size of customer relationship management (CRM) tools from $64.41 bn to a projected $71.06 bn in 2023. While that will certainly be part of the solution, many entrepreneurs still can’t decide whether they need… Read more

Marketing Services and Branding Company Streamlines Reporting With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Even today, not every marketing service consists of digital services alone. Some physical marketing pieces are still required for companies to get the brands’ messaging out there.  When a one-stop shop for innovative signage and event marketing materials found that their current system didn’t match their objectives to move to the cloud, The TM Group guided them through implementing a cloud ERP solution that fits their business model without relying on too many third-party, add-on solutions.   The Challenge Our client had been a long-time user of Microsoft Dynamics GP, but they hadn’t really tapped into all of its capabilities…. Read more

Industrial worker with notebook; Shutterstock ID 99355364; team: Business; Job: News and Content Writer; Client: Brafton
Industrial worker with notebook; Shutterstock ID 99355364; team: Business; Job: News and Content Writer; Client: Brafton

Exploring ERP and MRP Systems: Key Contrasts and Distinctions

As enterprises scale, many of them become curious about streamlining and automating certain parts of their business. However, as you explore these opportunities, you quickly find yourself confronted with lots of technical terms, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning (MRP) in the business software market. And even if you know what it’s all about, it can often still be difficult to identify the right solution for your own company in a vast sea of providers. Navigating ERP and MRP software is comparable to choosing between two types of vehicles. MRP is your slick, efficient motorbike designed for… Read more