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Health Care Organizations Find Savings and Simplicity by Switching to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 from Microsoft GP

The Clients A group of community mental health (CMH) organizations. The Challenge  Reporting is a major priority for the health industry, regardless of providers’ specialties. Being publicly funded organizations, these mental health care providers all had a government reporting mandate that they needed to meet by a certain date. The hard deadline was October 1, 2021. That date marks the beginning of the fiscal year for government entities, both state and federal. Consequently, all eight of our clients needed to have their accounting software used for reporting set up and in place by Oct. 1 so they could fulfill their… Read more

Nonprofit Centralizes Data Management through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The Client A non-profit health care association based in the Midwest that specializes in patient advocacy, particularly for those experiencing economic hardship or other life circumstances that prevent them from accessing basic health services. Its mission as a non-profit is to improve the quality, affordability and value of health care for families in the region and help communities establish community health centers through customized training and staffing resources.    The Challenge For a business to be successful and make effective decisions, data visibility is essential. One way to go about this is to make data available to everyone, a process… Read more

Why CPAs Should Refer Your Clients to The TM Group | Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP

Your business clients turn to you for accounting and consulting services. But odds are they’re looking for work process solutions as well, whether they’re already in the cloud or seeking to migrate their data there. They’ll find the assistance they need through The TM Group. With more than 35 years of Microsoft software integration experience and clients in more than two dozen states — from various  industries — The TM Group is highly recommended by those who have worked with us previously. Indeed, more than 70% of our ongoing business derives from referrals.  By recommending clients to The TM Group… Read more

What to Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs GP

Enterprise resource planning is technology at its very finest. From supply chain management to advanced reporting to data analytics and more, ERP solutions leverage digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and internet of things capabilities to improve operations and unify workflows. It’s little wonder why nearly 90% of businesses agree that their ERP implementation has helped them achieve their goals, according to polling data compiled by SelectHub. But with so many ERP solution options available, you may not know which one is best. In fact, many software providers offer multiple ERP software suites, further complicating the selection process.  We can narrow it… Read more

How a Software Firm Streamlined Its Contract and Documentation Process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and The TM Group

The Client Headquartered in Europe with locations in the United States as well as Asia, our client provides a variety of software solutions, services and digital tools for businesses in inventory-driven industries, such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale and logistics.    The Challenge The main challenge for this client was more efficiently and better managing the contract process with its customer relationship management (CRM) platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Digital contract signings have revolutionized business processes in terms of efficiency and expediting agreements. Legalized in all 50 states, digital signatures are considered every bit as legitimate as those that are… Read more

Mental Health Care Organization Heals Its Accounting Processes With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client Located in the midwest with several locations throughout the region, this client specializes in behavioral and mental health care for people throughout their county.   The Challenge The ultimate aim for any health care organization is the ongoing wellness, recovery and healing of its patients, along with their complete satisfaction with the treatment that they receive. But for that to happen, the business side of things — namely, accounting and billing — must be managed effectively so patients and insurers can be billed for the health services that they receive. Additionally, given the compliance protocols that healthcare organizations… Read more

Accounting Firm Floats From On-Premise Application to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client Based in the Midwest, this client specializes in accounting and consulting services for nonprofit organizations. Founded in the mid-1990s, this firm began as one that primarily handled outsourced accounting services. As they have grown, they’ve expanded their service offerings to now include grant management, auditing, revenue forecasting and cash management. The Challenge Regardless of one’s industry, a core element to success is adapting to the needs of the customer. In this case, our client had clearly done that by offering a wider array of related services for nonprofit organizations. What they hadn’t changed, however, was their accounting software…. Read more

Inventory Management Back on Track for Retailer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Inventory Management Back on Track for Retailer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Inventory Management Back on Track for Retailer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central POS Solution

The Client Headquartered in the Midwest, this client is a retailer that mostly buys excess clothing inventory from big box retailers and sells them to consumers at a discounted price. It also sells general merchandise (e.g. cookware, bedding, toys, etc.) and maintains an online web store. The Challenge As is fairly common for retailers, this client struggled with properly managing and accounting for their inventory. They had grown to more than two dozen brick and mortar locations from a handful just a couple years ago. To manage their business, the client was using Quickbooks for accounting and a point of… Read more

Optimize Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Experience with TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights

The TM Group is proud to announce the debut of TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Business Central and TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Sales, Service and Marketing.   Whether you’re a long-time user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or you’re about to start implementing the solution, The TM Group’s Cloud Solutions team has put together a new and improved way to ensure your users are adopting and efficiently using the solution. Using TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Business Central and/or TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Sales, Service and Marketing, clients can use Power BI Dashboards to allow monitoring of system performance, identify issues and obtain… Read more

Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Technical Whitepaper

There is a lot of information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on Microsoft’s website, but much of the information isn’t always the easiest to find. In addition to the Business Central application (which is getting major updates with new features added twice per year), there are also over 1,600 extensions available on Microsoft AppSource. Partners are also doing customizations to Business Central to meet certain functionality and doing integrations to one or more systems, so the applications share data, whether one direction or bidirectionally. These private customizations and integrations are also extensions to Business Central but are not published… Read more