We believe it is in the best interest of our clients to be as self-sufficient as possible.  We believe in a “train the trainer” approach when there are multiple departments or over 6 users to be trained.  This support is done on-site and is conducted throughout the project, but can be done remotely with web access. We typically train a minimum of two individuals in each area.  These ‘power’ users then go on to train their staff.  We also have a classroom training facility where we can train large groups of users or classes specifically tailored to one client’s specifications.  We have also done web training and recorded it so others can access at their leisure.  We work closely with the client to determine the best training approach for the particular project.

There are a variety of mechanisms contained with our solutions that allow for the daily software user to become an expert as quickly as possible.  These are listed below, and more are being added each month.  Each and all of these tools enable the user to become self-sufficient and totally capable of maintaining their job roles.  These are very powerful tools when used in combination with the training expertise of The TM Group’s solutions implementation team.

Classroom Training

The TM Group strongly believes in the benefits of classroom training in the initial phases of our implementation efforts.  Our extensive classroom training schedule and training facility provide our clients with everything they will need to learn all the modules from setup to year-end closing.  The TM Group has the only dedicated classroom facility for Microsoft Dynamics in Michigan.  See below for a description and schedule of classes.

 The Benefits:

  • Ability to work outside the client’s environment that promotes concentration and complete focus on the module at hand.
  • Thorough training on all facets of the module as opposed to repetitive visits to the client to learn portions of the module at a time.
  • Investment cost savings to the client over our hourly on-site rate.
  • Time on-site at client is minimized because the users are already familiar with the information from the class and won’t have to be re-taught the information.

On-Site Training

The TM Group’s award-winning implementation team has perfected the technique of enabling our clients to make full productive use of their selected software modules very rapidly.  Used in conjunction with classroom training, on-site training allows the user to work one-on-one with their assigned training consultant to learn the nuances that will be valuable for their particular company and implementation.  This training is planned and scheduled on the detailed timeline prepared at the beginning of each Microsoft Dynamics solution implementation, so that the user and the consultant will be fully prepared for each visit.  Assignments are given to the user to be completed by the following visit.  Training sessions may be classroom-style at the client’s site, but there is an additional fee for the setup of this scenario.

Web-Based Training

We can provide our clients web-based classroom training for up to 25 users in remote locations simultaneously.  This also gives our clients tremendous flexibility and capability of getting multiple user groups trained in specific processes and workflow prior to “go-live”.

Online Manuals

Documentation manuals for each module in the software suite are available completely on-line in an Acrobat Reader format.  All manuals may be fully or partially printed, and there is a complete index for selecting the particular section quickly.  These are the same manuals on-line as are delivered with the software.


A section is provided within the Help menu for browsing the standard reports contained within the software.  This enables the client to determine whether the report will suit their requirements, and also lists the files and fields utilized by that report.


A tutorial guide is available within the Help menu to assist the client instantly with particular procedural questions.  Whether it’s to walk through printing a payables check or learning how to create a customer class, the tutorial guides the user through an entire process from beginning to end.  The tutorial can be set to remain on the screen while the user is practicing the procedures.

Test Company

The TM Group also creates a test company containing the client’s master file information once it has been established in the actual “live” company directory.  This enables the client to test out processes utilizing familiar vocabulary and master files.  This sample company also functions as a “test-bed” to ensure that as the implementation proceeds, methodologies are being created to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.