Microsoft Dynamics GP makes it easier for people to work faster and smarter and extends the reach of insight, productivity, and collaboration across the entire business.  Dynamics GP ERP delivers fast access to personalized business intelligence and enhances ways to streamline business processes and build stronger business relationships.  Employees can make rapid, informed decisions and take action with enhanced insight that is personalized, simple to access, and extended across the organization through familiar Microsoft Office applications.  Microsoft Dynamics GP goes beyond basic business management and extends easily to meet unique business needs.

Understanding internal needs is an important part of a successful Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP implementation.

Understanding internal needs is an important part of a successful Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP implementation.

More than 47,000 organizations around the world run their businesses on Microsoft Dynamics GP. For more than 25 years, it has offered businesses the complete, flexible, and familiar tools needed to run and grow your business and help your team achieve more. Role based security allows you to limit access to sensitive information by assigning users to specific roles. Many predefined roles come with the application to help organizations get started quickly, and to maintain separation of duties to reduce risk. Dashboards also provide user with relevant information and tasks based on their roles. They can setup reminders that proactively inform them when specific incidents occur such as exceeded credit limits, short stock items, or payables due. Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP also provides a secure audit trail that shows every change made by every person.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a user of Microsoft Dynamics GP to access the information you need to make insightful business decisions. With Business Analyzer, which comes with the system, you can gain powerful, role-specific insight with charts and graphs both inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP application and outside the system through a companion application. Business Analyzer is optimized for tablets powered by Windows, iOS and Android platforms. It and SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Excel and Management Reporter reports provide employees and management one central location to access data from virtually anywhere.
Microsoft Dynamics GP can support more than 1,000 simultaneous users, whereas systems like QuickBooks Pro can only support five.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes:

  • Financial management and accounting. Gain greater control of cash, assets, and banking.
  • Business intelligence: Real-time visibility and analytics to manage with insight.
  • Inventory and operations. Better manage production, inventory, sales orders, and purchasing.
  • Field Service: Manage service calls, contracts, and field resources.
  • Human resources and payroll: Hire, train, and pay employees.