If the client has specific reports that they would like to utilize in their new system, those reports are reviewed during the planning phase of the implementation.  Additionally a TMG consultant will review the available options for reports within the CRM/ERP solution and assist client with creating, printing and exporting these reports.

There are multiple tools available to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, & Microsoft Dynamics SL clients, including the following:

Power BI – With Microsoft Power BI, organizations can monitor business critical data and share reports in just seconds with their entire organization! You can use Microsoft Power BI from essentially anywhere, having the ability to access dashboards and reports from desktops, the cloud and mobile devices. Using this cloud based data analysis tool, you are capable of building stunning reports to transform, analyze, and visualize data. You can easily build vigorous, reusable data models of your information to provide consistency across your organization’s reporting and analysis with SQL Server Analysis Services on-premises or Azure Analysis Services in the cloud.

SSRS – Dynamics ships with over 250 reports formatted in SQL Server Reporting Services, giving our clients multiple delivery methods including e-mail, website, SharePoint as well as tailorable formatting and content creation. Any Microsoft SQL Server database CRM or ERP based application can leverage SSRS which ships with database.

Excel Reports – Excel Reports enables clients to build simple or extensive Excel-based models that can be automatically refreshed whenever the data within CRM/ERP is changed.

SmartLists & SmartList Builder  – SmartLists are a Microsoft Dynamics GP user tool for creating ad-hoc queries that can be used on-screen or exported to Excel.  These SmartLists contain English table names making it simpler for users to understand which columns of data they are requesting.  SmartLists are only used for data within Dynamics GP, but when the user requires more capability or data from external SQL-based systems, SmartList Builder is available and is a much more powerful, but additional, tool.

Lists – Lists within Microsoft Dynamics GP enable users to group data from any module in one place with a much simpler mechanism for inquiring on-screen into particular transactions or master file data.

Financial Statement Formatting – A TM Group consultant will format a basic set of financial statements.  Typically, the client then enhances those statements and/or creates additional statements. Upon request, The TM Group will format all of the client’s financial statements.