• Software as ART "It is said that software implementation is a science. On the contrary, it is ART
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The TM Group has helped hundreds of organizations across many major industries, to help them determine which Microsoft Dynamics or Sage Intacct solution is the best fit for their unique business requirements.


The TM Group provides CRM and ERP business solutions including Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Intacct.


An integral part of your solution is professional services: the support, training, reporting, data migration, integration and consulting services that increase the value of your solution and ensure it remains a fundamental tool for your growth and success.

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    Microsoft announced the forthcoming release of an updated offering for small businesses this past September during Directions North America. The software package, which was released in December under the moniker Dynamics 365, combines Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and the redesigned version Dynamics NAV into an all-in-one digital solution for burgeoning businesses looking to leverage the […]

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    Microsoft announced in September that they planned to eliminate the Dynamics 365 Business and Enterprise editions in an effort to simplify the much-lauded combined CRM and ERP management suite, according to an internal blog post. Alysa Taylor, general manager for business applications and strategy at Microsoft, explained that the decision was made following the Inner […]

  • TM Group included in VAR Stars 2017

    Bob Scott’s Insights, an enterprise resource planning publication specializing in coverage of the resale market, has included The TM Group in the latest edition of the VAR Stars, an annual assemblage of the top 100 high-performing midmarket ERP firms. Financial services software influencer Bob Scott edits the online magazine, which put the Farmington Hills, Michigan-based […]

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    Analysts for Deloitte recently asked chief information officers from across the country to cite the biggest barriers for a successful ERP implementation. More than 80 percent said internal resistance to change. For professionals who have ever participated in an ERP roll out, this answer should come as no surprise. Employee pushback is often a serious […]

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    In April last year, Microsoft introduced a new product designed to facilitate automated workflow development in the age of the digital enterprise. The Software-as-a-Service offering, called Microsoft Flow, allows businesses to create complex workflows using data from more than 160 applications, including Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Outlook. With Flow you can add Twitter leads […]

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