The TM Group believes the cornerstone to a successful project is proper planning and design.  That is why every project begins with a Business Process Review which leads to a Statement of Work (SOW).  The SOW is mutually agreed upon by The TM Group and the client and is the foundation for the project.  Once the SOW is finalized, software installation and configuration begin.  We typically build both a test database and a production database.  The test database will be used for setup, testing, user acceptance and training.  The configurations from the test company are transferred to the production company as we complete the user acceptance process.  The TM Group also estimates time in our proposals for both go-live support and post go-live assistance so that you will know your complete investment.  The TM Group is committed to making every client as self-sufficient as possible, but we are also there when you need us, including a fully dedicated phone and email support desk.

A properly planned project is critical to the success of any software implementation. Our Project Management team has more than 50 years of experience in managing IT projects, including the implementation. They provide a stabilizing influence throughout the implementation by conducting the weekly status calls, updating the project plan, and providing sound business advice and best practice techniques throughout our projects. Your TMG Project Manager and Engagement Manager are also responsible for assigning appropriate personnel to your implementation based both on their skill set and your solution requirements. They also assign additional personnel as necessary to supplement work on the project.

The project is guided by the Statement of Work, Project Timeline and Milestones, Change Orders and an Open Items List. In addition, weekly status calls are maintained by our Engagement Manager to ensure that we address the items accomplished the prior week, the upcoming work for the current week, and any outstanding issues that need to be addressed in a very timely manner.

All of the steps throughout our implementation process, especially Project Management, are designed to mitigate risk for our clients and to ensure that we all keep our eye on the finish line while not overlooking any of the steps along the way.