The TM Group invests heavily to be a Microsoft Advantage Support Partner so we can get the highest level of support and problem escalation on your behalf. During the implementation you will have email and cell numbers for the consultants assigned to your project, who will most likely be your first line of contact for most support cases through the initial phases of the implementation. They are most familiar with the active project and would most likely be your first choice. You may also contact our dedicated support desk via our toll-free number and website request service.

The TMG help desk is available Monday thru Friday, from 8:30am to 5:30pm at 888-482-2885, and email requests are accepted as needed. Our help desk is managed by tenured, certified professionals, very capable of provided support directly or assigning your request to another senior member of our team. You will also have access to the Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource portal on Microsoft’s website where you can search their knowledge base. And finally you could get support directly from Microsoft at an extra charge if you so choose.

Periodic updates of Dynamics will be provided through the Enhancement Program. This is required for the first year of the system and is optional thereafter. The updates incorporate new features and major enhancements for your solution.

Support provided by The TM Group is billed at the hourly rate stated in the Proposed Investment Summary, with a minimum quarter hour charge in any billing period (semi-monthly) in which support is utilized. Telephone support is intended for the purpose of answering user questions after training is complete for the module(s) in question and billing is at the sole discretion of the project manager.