Once your system is in production, you will be notified about any software updates and/or upgrades by The TM Group and our solution providers when they are released. We typically do not recommend that our clients perform these upgrades immediately upon general release because until the first service pack is released, there are typically a few program issues or third party add-on issues, and we like to protect our clients from any undue stress related to an upgrade. Once we are confident that you can move forward, we will assist you both from a planning and execution standpoint.

For our larger or multi-site clients, we will have a meeting to determine the staging of the upgrade, whether to perform a test upgrade, who will be performing which tasks related to the upgrade work, and then we will prepare a proposal and (if warranted) a Statement of Work for the upgrade process itself. We have found that this process is working extremely well to give the clients that extra measure of confidence that we have addressed any known issues prior to putting the new version into their production environment. Then, either immediately before or for a day or so afterward, we will make certain that a member of our consulting team is available to assist your users with new features and functionality until you are confident that you can be self-sufficient. We can do this training at your main site, at your remote locations, via GoToMeeting or at our Farmington Hills classroom training facility.

The TM Group can also assist you with setting up Citrix|OnLine GoToAssist™ in your own company. Click here to see more information on Citrix|OnLine (GoToAssist) or click here to see information on GoToAssist™ Security. Please call us to assist you.