Our team will hold meetings with your team to discuss, explore and validate the appropriate solutions for your environment.  We will discuss your processes in detail.  Also included in these discussions are your critical needs relative to the software use and performance.  As a result of the meetings, any areas of higher risk for each phase are identified.  These are areas where there was uncertainty about either the scope and/or the complexity of these particular activities.  The purpose of the Implementation Planning Study is to determine any areas of additional complexity and to fully define the effort required.

The result of this phase is the creation of a Implementation Planning Study document, or a roadmap, to for the delivery of your CRM/ERP ultimate solution.  In the event that we discover something during the business process that requires custom development, we will also include that in the report.  The entire process results in the mitigation of typical project risks associated with not digging deep enough into the details of your system usage to make adequate provisions for a new CRM/ERP solution.