Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real estate solution enables tracking both sides of business

February 25, 2016 Ken Jacobsen

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real estate solution enables tracking both sides of business

A real estate company Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real estate solution to help it connect investors and borrowers.

A Boston company offers a unique service for clients and  selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real estate solution that could be configured to their unique business.

The organization developed an innovative way to connect lenders and borrowers for real estate investments. The company created a business where developers, builders, or individuals could partner with investors willing to contribute funds for sound real estate projects. The business model required the real estate organization to manage and track both sides of the investment process.

The company contacted The TM Group in search of a flexible CRM solution that could handle separate business processes and integrate with its innovative lending system.

A company with two sets of clients
A group of real estate investors created the business to provide organizations and individuals with an alternative to traditional bank loan options. The company’s process delivers a quicker application and approval cycle without the typical hassles associated with bank procedures.

Users seeking funds can log on to the company’s website and create a profile where they input their information and loan application details. Investors interact with the website through a different process, where they scroll through possible projects and choose which one they would like to finance.

This service means the company has to attract and monitor the activities of both sides of the investment. Before working with The TM Group, the organization had a basic CRM solution that couldn’t distinguish whether a lead or opportunity was seeking funds or looking to contribute. The company couldn’t map out their business processes the way it wanted because it couldn’t separate its potential leads, opportunities and contact pools.

The business also needed a CRM solution that could integrate with its loan origination software on its website. Online users submitted contact information and loan applications and the organization didn’t have proper visibility of these digital activities.

A total CRM solution
After searching through possible CRM partners online, the real estate company decided on The TM Group because it wanted to work with a leader in the industry. The TM Group analyzed the organization’s particular needs and provided a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

The company, with The TM Group’s guidance, implemented  a business process for sales utilizing contacts, opportunities, leads and accounts. After initial contact, an employee would stay on top of each potential client and move them through the sales process from lead to opportunity. Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company can designate whether each lead is a borrower or investor and the system creates a unique process dependent on the label.

The CRM solution provides different CRM forms for each designation and users can monitor the sales pipeline dependent on the needs for the type of account. Company users have complete and consistent visibility of both sides of the business and where projects currently stand.

Unique demands for an innovative small business
The company used a third party to run its loan origination software system. The TM Group worked with the third party to provide customized integration of the Loan Origination System (LOS) data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A TMG developer wrote a DotNet wrapper that allowed the third party to push LOS data into CRM’s associated fields. For example, if a company website user created a loan application, the LOS gives the information a particular loan number. The DotNet wrapper dictates where that information should be delivered into the CRM solution so the loan number is visible in the proper opportunity field.

Thanks to the customized integration of the two systems performed by The TM Group, all loan data is now populated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the company obtains complete visibility of loans being processed.

Before they begin an application, website users may submit information to learn more. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps in the creation of a lead using the contact data provided by the online system.

The TM Group also implemented an integrated marketing add-on so marketing could leverage the data collected by the software integration. Clickdimensions works in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create targeted advertising campaigns. The real estate company utilized this solution primarily for its email marketing functionality. Lenders and borrowers receive separate communications based on the complete visibility of consumers and clients provided by the system.

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