Microsoft buys LinkedIn

August 18, 2016 TM Group

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

LinkedIn data is valuable for CRM and ERP solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 hosts new big data features like advanced business intelligence and Internet of Things capabilities. The CRM solutions offered by the product aim to bring the advantages of the modern information age into the hands of businesses of any size – regardless of tech experience.

One ingredient needed to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM successful at its mission is a wealth of data, and that’s where social media integration comes into the picture. While businesses should generate plenty of internal data, having access to what clients and partners discuss online makes companies aware of trends, opinions and a massive amount of personal details. This is why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 introduced new social listening features.

In June, Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn. The social site is one of the most popular business communication platforms in the world and one of the few successful social ventures specifically designed for business purposes. Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn should provide companies and salespeople with the information they need to compete in the today’s business environment.

LinkedIn success Many companies and individuals use LinkedIn to connect with partners and clients. Sensible Marketing collected statistics on social platform at the end of 2014 that found one third of professionals in the world were on the site. LinkedIn users count in the hundreds of millions and membership grows everyday thanks to mobile functionality and other popular social features.

LinkedIn is now a primary way to look for employment and search for new leads. It’s a source of information that many organizations find valuable because the data is willingly submitted by each contact. Some organizations and individuals promote their brand by submitting unique blog posts and linking contacts to relevant articles.

The data available on the social site allows businesses to grow their pipelines and add new clients. A LinkedIn Pulse blog post shared HubSpot statistics that found 65 percent of business-to-business companies have successfully located clients through LinkedIn.

Social media integration The details submitted to LinkedIn show what industry an individual is in, where they were educated and what they want from their professional life. All of this information can be vital when looking to buy B2B products, sell goods to companies or locate partners for future development.

The Wall Street Journal said Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will give it a major advantage over other companies offering CRM solutions. While each business software programmer looks for new ways to make popular data sources more visible in the system, a direct integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics CRM should benefit users of both systems. However, there are some very interesting facates that Microsoft will have to consider when designing this integration such as privacy and not alienating LinkedIn users who may resent making it easier for salespeople to target them.

It’s not just data. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner believed the features his users love will offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients increased visibility of leads in a business’ information system.

“Now we will be able to take that business intelligence tool, Sales Navigator, deeply integrate that into Dynamics and CRM and we believe we can change the game that way,” Weiner told investors, according to WSJ.

Make the most of opportunities Once the two systems are integrated, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users could click on a name in their records and instantly pull up details from a client’s or lead’s LinkedIn profile. This could include their career history, resume skills, education and awards. They can also consolidate data generated by LinkedIn’s communication platforms and easily connect with people on their preferred channel.

If Microsoft Dynamics CRM users want insight into other possibilities this acquisition holds for the future, they should contact their CRM partner to ensure they hear about the latest developments as they happen.

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