CRM training has to be available on an ongoing basis

December 12, 2014
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December 12, 2014 TM Group

CRM training has to be available on an ongoing basis

CRM training needs to be a consistent consideration.

The bulk of CRM training related to a new customer relationship management system happens as a platform is being implemented and in the time before it actually goes live. This basic best practice ensures the users of such a system understand its ins and outs before it’s put into use. Those involved with the CRM implementation and the education of employees can then focus on providing support to staff who need extra help and troubleshooting specific issues as a system goes live. This approach is key to successful CRM use, but businesses can’t overlook the need for maintaining training materials for use in the future as well.

New employees
The presence of new staff members is one of the most obvious reasons why businesses have to make a continuing commitment to education as it relates to a CRM system. Without the same CRM training materials used when a CRM system was first brought online, new employees will have trouble understanding how to best use the platform. This lack of knowledge can drag down the effectiveness of CRM and reduce the overall return on investment. With an educational plan in place, companies can be more confident that every staff member using CRM understands the system and their role in it.

Promotions and transfers
In a similar vein, employees who are promoted or transferred between different departments often have to understand and use new aspects of a CRM system. While these users will certainly have experience with some aspects of the system and won’t require the complete, top-to-bottom overview that new staff need, some important functions will likely be unfamiliar. Having CRM training materials and knowledgeable staff members at the ready helps make this kind of transition smoother, reducing the impact of lost productivity and getting employees up to speed more quickly. A plan for training transfers will pay off by saving time and directing effort where it’s needed.

Upgrades and updates
Although they don’t require the in-depth CRM training associated with a completely new system, significant upgrades and updates require some targeted educational efforts. Users who have to take on a new responsibility or who have a major component of day-to-day CRM use changed will have to learn how to best adapt to the changes. Existing CRM training materials should also be updated so that they can be used when new employees arrive or existing ones move to a different position.

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