What will you get by moving from Dynamics GP, SL or NAV? (Blog Three in Series of Three)

June 29, 2023 Ken Jacobsen

What will you get by moving from Dynamics GP, SL or NAV? (Blog Three in Series of Three)

If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL or NAV, why should you consider moving to a new platform? When should you plan to move? And what will you gain from switching? This is the third article in a series of blog posts that will help you answer these questions.

According to Forbes, you’ll get the best overall ERP solution for small to medium-sized corporations, the number 1 solution with a 5.0 score.

  • In the financials modules, you’ll get:
    • More flexible financial reporting
    • Automated bank reconciliations
    • Extensions and customizations (without costly and time-consuming upgrades)
    • Prebuilt dashboards and analytics
    • Constant improvements future-proofing your systems
  • In distribution modules, you’ll get:
    • Quoting and order management, allowing you to process quotes and orders right within your email without switching applications
    • An easy-to-understand user interface
    • Industry-leading inventory management
    • Simple warehouse and supply chain management with advanced multi-location support
    • Highly rated requirements planning for supply chain management
    • Shipping integration and tracking
  • In the manufacturing modules, you’ll get:
    • All the discrete manufacturing disciplines — including strong support for mixed-mode discrete manufacturers:
      • Make to Order
      • Make to Stock
      • Assemble to Order
      • Assemble to Stock
      • Configure to Order
      • Engineer to Order
    • Production management
    • Production planning and scheduling
    • Shop-floor data collection
    • Quality data management

Finally, what you get from moving off your Dynamics GP, SL or NAV systems is peace of mind. Your new system will be secure, provide excellent access and will not become obsolete.

Written by Kevin Brunton

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