What To Look For in an ERP Consulting Partner

July 12, 2022
July 12, 2022 Ken Jacobsen

What To Look For in an ERP Consulting Partner

Enterprise resource planning software is designed to bring added simplicity and visibility to the wide assortment of disparate business process activities that occur in the average day. From accounting to procurement, supply chain operations to cash management, mission-critical business functions such as these all occur simultaneously and across multiple departments.

Business activities spread throughout the organization make it impossible to know what is happening at all times. ERP software ties them all together around a centralized database so you’re never in the dark as to where things stand with these processes – and neither are your employees. The successful utilization of enterprise resource planning solutions as a business tool is part of the reason why the ERP software market is poised to reach a global valuation of over $71 billion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insights.

But ERP software is not a plug-it-in-and-forget-it solution. Much like any tool that’s used at the office or on the shop floor, some ERP software systems are better than others. They all handle things a bit differently and you have to know how to configure them to fully leverage the ERP system for it to work as effectively as possible.

For these reasons and more, hiring an ERP consulting business to guide you through the implementations is a smart investment for your business. This article will provide you with a better understanding of what an ERP consultant is, when hiring an ERP consulting business may be in order, what qualities you should look for in a truly competent ERP consulting firm and why you should consider The TM Group as your preferred pick for all your ERP consulting needs.

What is an ERP consultant?An ERP consultant or consultancy is an organization that specializes in delivering enterprise resource planning implementations and providing ongoing support after the solution goes live. As such, an ERP consultant not only helps a business migrate their data to a specific ERP software system, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but also helps them get the most out of it by configuring and customizing the solution to their needs.

In addition to serving as resident experts of ERP software, a competent ERP consultant provider is highly attuned to the challenges that a client is facing. Whether it’s issues with accounting, supply chain visibility, inaccurate inventory management or operation breakdowns, ERP consulting firms are familiar with a business’ pain points. This knowledge allows them to identify which ERP system features within a solution will help to best solve their clients’ problems and optimize their business processes to achieve their goals.

What should you look for in an ERP consulting firm?When it comes to management consulting, you have lots of options from which to choose. According to Inc., there are approximately 700,000 consulting firms all around the world, including many that are specific to ERP consulting. Here are a few characteristics to be mindful of that make for a good ERP implementation partner:

1. ExperienceExperience is pivotal for all consulting needs but especially ERP consulting. It should be clear from the outset that an ERP consultant has the requisite bona fides which substantiate their familiarity with the ERP solution being implemented, in particular, and enterprise resource planning as an overall business strategy.

Of all the things that make The TM Group a qualified ERP implementation partner, experience tops them all. With over 1,000 years of cumulative team experience and over two dozen CRM/ERP consultants who are certified in the products they support, The TM Group has the tenure and the track record that you can count on for ERP implementation success.

2. Serves a variety of industriesOne of the things that makes ERP software such a remarkable tool is its scalability. In other words, in addition to being fully customizable in terms of the extent to which it can be leveraged, ERP software provides solutions to problems for businesses in every industry, not just accounting, retail or logistics, for example. Because of this, you also want to ensure your ERP consulting provider is familiar with the ins and outs of your specific line of work.

Since its beginnings back in the mid-1980s, The TM Group has served a broad range of businesses in a plethora of industries and entities — from family offices to manufacturers to educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations. The TM Group has wide ranging experience and industry know-how to ensure your company gets the best possible ERP solution to address the challenges that your business faces in the industry as it stands today — not last year or a decade ago.

3. Partnership focusedThere’s a reason why ERP consulting providers are also referred to as ERP consulting partners. When you select one to perform an ERP implementation, you’re working alongside them — in consultation with them, if you will — or at least you ought to be. An ERP software partner should walk you through every stage of the process so you’re fully apprised of what’s taking place and what you can expect once the ERP system is up and running.

Being your ERP consulting partner is something we take very seriously at The TM Group. At all stages and phases, you’ll have 360-degree visibility into the implementation so you’re aware of what’s going on and how the ERP system works. This ongoing communication also enables us to perform the implementation without it interfering with the flow of your business operations, especially if your business is busier during certain parts of the year than others.

4. Teaches and trainsAn ERP solution is described as such because it brings solutions to business challenges. But if you’re brand new to ERP technology, it also brings a lot of questions about how the software works, as some ERP setup options aren’t always intuitive. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is different from that perspective. If you have any familiarity with Microsoft Office software, then Microsoft Dynamics products should be more intuitive to use, but the setup can still be tricky if you are not a certified consultant. Some features may be brand new to you. If that’s the case, The TM Group will be there to walk you through everything so you and your team are up to speed at every stage of the implementation from start to finish. Our Dynamics consultants deal with setting up and configuring these solutions regularly with multiple clients, so they bring lots of experience and a wide range of perspectives to the table with them. Plus, the training component for solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is included as part of the implementation project when you select us to be your ERP implementation partner. Training and planning are two of the most critical phases of a project.

5. Stellar reputationWhen you’re investing in an ERP solution, you actually have two important decisions to make: which ERP Solution should I select and what consulting organization should I utilize to help guide me through the implementation. If you are choosing a mature ERP software provider, then all the software is pretty similar in the way that they handle accounting and other back office functions. All mainstream software publishers — like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct —offer software that is about 80% of the same functionality, but is set up and configured differently. No matter what Microsoft, Oracle or Sage partner you buy the software from, they are all going to be the same software. This is why choosing the right implementation consulting partner is so critical, because the software is the same from whoever you buy it. However,  the guidance, consulting services, and support you receive will vary greatly depending on the partner you choose.

ERP consulting firms are also service providers — serving the needs of their clients — the customer’s satisfaction with the implementation process itself is paramount. This is another strength of ours at The TM Group. Most of our clients stay with us for many years, which speaks to the fact that our clients are pleased with the services we render. This is something we take great pride in at The TM Group. We’re confident you’ll become one too when you pick us for your ERP consulting service needs.

To maximize your ERP software, an ERP consultant can help. And if your ERP solution choice is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, The TM Group is the ERP consulting firm to contact for your first or next ERP implementation project.  With consultants, developers, and project managers on staff, The TM Group has the robust, in-depth ERP knowledge and resources you need to help your business flourish. 

Contact us today or visit our blog for regularly updated ERP insights and project profiles which detail some of our previous client interactions.

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