The top 5 reasons you should buy Microsoft Dynamics SL

September 12, 2014
September 12, 2014 Ken Jacobsen

The top 5 reasons you should buy Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a powerful system for businesses centered around projects.

What makes Microsoft Dynamics SL unique among other offerings is the in-depth focus and functionality it provides for small and midsize businesses focused on projects, service and distribution. The power of the platform is most easily seen by the data reporting features and cross-company connectivity that improve current and future decision-making efforts.

Here are the top five reasons to buy Microsoft Dynamics SL:

  1. Deployment options: Businesses can choose what works best for them when it comes to software installation and deployment. Dynamics SL offers two options that take the unique needs of each business into account, while still offering a high level of functionality. Organizations can choose to deploy SL directly on their on-premise servers or by using a remote hosting center and accessing SL through the Internet. This flexibility means that businesses lacking IT infrastructure don’t need to add significant additional costs to implementation.
  2. Support for specific industries: ERP software developed with a specific industry in mind is more effective than a general system. Businesses geared around projects, services and distribution will find Dynamics SL was specifically designed with them in mind. Some examples of organizations that will benefit the most from SL, provided by blog Software Advice, include professional services, government contractors and construction management.
  3. Integration with a variety of Microsoft products: Connecting the different software platforms used in day-to-day business activities helps boost efficiency and create a more complete picture of operations. Dynamics SL interfaces with Microsoft Office, Project Server, SharePoint, SQL and Dynamics CRM. Being able to share data across platforms is incredibly important.
  4. Additional modules: Businesses can add components to their Dynamics SL system to craft a more complete and useful ERP solution. The ability to select modules that are built specifically for a given industry provides a major advantage. This combination of customizability and quick implementation is especially important for smaller organizations, which are often less able to handle a delayed or long-term installation process.
  5. Insight and decision-making improvement: Microsoft highlighted the ability of Dynamics SL to help businesses by increasing visibility. Businesses centered around projects and similar tasks will certainly benefit from the tracking of costs, labor, timelines and other components that allow for real-time adjustments and changes that boost efficiency.

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