The top 5 reasons to work with the TM Group

October 21, 2014
October 21, 2014 TM Group

The top 5 reasons to work with the TM Group

The TM Group makes ERP implementation a successful and positive process.

Businesses that want to start using enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management software have a dizzying array of options. Not only is there a variety of different platforms available, but a large selection of vendors as well. When an experienced company is looking to upgrade its system, it can be difficult enough to find the right platform, and the right partner, to do so. For a new organization, this can be even tougher. Understanding what makes a good vendor can be a headache for businesses that are already under the gun to install a new or better ERP system. Having the right partner in this journey will make the process a positive and productive one.

The TM Group believes there’s no better option than our organization for the selection, implementation and ongoing support for ERP and CRM. Here are the top five reasons for your company to work with us:

  1. We know that ERP and CRM implementation is an art : The technical aspects of adding a new, major software system that will change a business for the better are obvious. Checking for comparability, the configuration and installation of the software and the ongoing technical support are all important drivers of business productivity. Where we stand out is in the art of implementation. Beyond complete technical competency, we offer real, two-way communication that makes implementation, training and upgrades as successful as possible. We pride ourselves on offering continuing support and counseling that helps our clients get the most out of the systems they choose. Our ongoing professional services are one of the most important parts of our operations.
  2. We’re accountable: The TM Group doesn’t aim to have a transactional relationship that ends once a project is completed and only resumes if an update or upgrade is desired. During the implementation process, we provide status reviews and weekly client update calls, budget reports and completion audits. Once a system is up and running, the lines of communication stay open for our clients to address compliments, questions and concerns. We make sure that our clients understand how to best use their new software and set them up for success. Our clients, many of whom have been our partners for years, form the heart of the TM Group.
  3. We’re trustworthy: Decades-long relationships with clients prove our commitment to providing the best possible ongoing service. We know that ERP and CRM implementations are huge projects for even the largest companies and can seem overwhelming for smaller and midsize businesses. We also know that not everything goes right on the first attempt during an implementation. We work with businesses to find solutions and minimize the disruptions that can arise from such a large project.
  4. We’re experienced and we know where you’re coming from: Starting off as a small business with just three employees, the TM Group has grown throughout the following decades to offer a variety of effective products for our clients. We understand the positions of small and midsize businesses, as well as new, growing and established companies. With personal experience and many implementations under our belt, we can draw on past experience to make every implementation as successful as possible.
  5. We’re versatile: Chances are, we offer a product that meets the specific and unique needs of your industry and your company. From nonprofits and educational groups to financial services and manufacturing, we have you covered. Our ability to provide sector-specific implementations also includes training, troubleshooting and support that goes beyond basic competency and draws on our wide range of experience.

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