Startup chooses Microsoft Dynamics GP for Medical Device Company

August 24, 2015 Ken Jacobsen

Startup chooses Microsoft Dynamics GP for Medical Device Company

The TM Group provided a startup with inventory management tools

A medical device startup company selected Microsoft Dynamics GP software to get the business started on the right foot. The company offered UV light-based disinfectant equipment for companies that clean publicly used tools like keyboards. The products were mostly advertised to organizations and businesses with high risks of bacterial spread, such as hospitals. The company provides distribution of these products, which are manufactured at satellite locations.

The company was very careful. Years were spent on research and development before the products were offered to consumers. Once the business got going, the managers wanted to make sure they were using the proper software tools to facilitate success as the company found its place in the market. In order to manage inventory, provide payroll and prepare for future growth, the company chose The TM Group for implementation services as their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

Before contacting The TM Group, the company had been working with very simple systems. Excel was used for inventory and QuickBooks was the primary financial tool. The business found itself in need of more inventory visibility and wanted a financial suite that could aid the expanding business. Microsoft Dynamics GP was selected because a member of company had used the software effectively in the past.

The implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics GP was simple for this business. The company decided to purchase a very basic version of the system. Since the software was adopted by a company user who had already worked with Dynamics GP, the business did not feel the need to create a large implementation team.

The TM Group as their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner facilitated rapid implementation. The user familiarity and simple tools called for a short adoption period. Even though the customer had experience with GP, high-level guidance was necessary for optimum payroll and inventory strategies. In the end, the initial implementation was very quick. The company is satisfied with Dynamics GP solutions thus far and is working with The TM Group as their Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to explore adoption of additional tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP benefits
The company is currently using the core modules for inventory control and payroll with Microsoft Dynamics GP for Medical Device Company.

The inventory tools integrate easily with the company’s Excel spreadsheets and provide increased visibility of the warehouse. The software is initially being used by a single employee who reports the data to other members of the business. Dynamics GP provides tools that makes it easy to share spreadsheets and other information. As new customers and products being offered are introduced, the platform can keep up with the expanding data. The company is very happy with the flexibility of the new inventory software because it was looking for a inventory management program into which it could grow.

Dynamics GP has replaced the need for QuickBooks. The software solution provides simple payroll management. Cash flow is given the same visibility as inventory so it makes payment schedule creation, financial reporting and account management much more efficient. There are additional finance tools such as check creation. Before, the company was hand writing checks. The user is now cutting checks with the Dynamics GP software.

The Future
Currently, the software is utilized by one user on a single desktop computer. The company has immediate plans to move to The TM Group’s TMGCLOUD offering to provide additional user access and data visibility. TMGCLOUD will enable access to the client’s data from multiple devices in a cloud-deployed platform.

The company is also looking to purchase additional modules. In the future, the company believes it should start integrating data from its manufacturing processes into the overall business infrastructure. It is exploring the possibility of implementing a manufacturing module to work in conjunction with its inventory and payroll solutions.

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