Security Company utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase sales productivity

January 7, 2016 TM Group

Security Company utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase sales productivity

A security business implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to monitor the security needs of current and potential clients.

A security company wanted a CRM solution to streamline communication between its divisions. The organization provides consumers with two main forms of service. It designs and implements security systems for business and healthcare facilities and it supplies companies with security personnel to guard premises, investigate problems and handle emergencies.

The business desired a new CRM solution to help employees share information about opportunities and sales and to keep projects moving forward. The security company opted for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with SharePoint and Exchange for Office 365, with The TM Group as their implementation partner.

The issues
Before the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online implementation, each division of the company used separate systems.

Although the security system sales and staffing divisions both used Goldmine CRM, the latter utilized it the most. The employees in charge of security systems would just dump data into CRM solutions indiscriminately and information was hard to find. Some workers stored data in Dropbox programs and others utilized OneDrive. Employees had a habit of using whatever technology was convenient to manage projects without considering what other staff members or the business needed.

There was a severe lack of visibility between divisions. Staff members found it difficult to locate information stored by different departments. Sales agents offering companies security systems didn’t know if staffing teams were already working with the companies.

There was a lack of communication within departments as well. Workers didn’t know who was responsible for follow-up phone calls or when employees needed to contact leads before contracts expired. Miscommunication and lack of visibility would often bring projects to a standstill.

The solution
When it came time to find a new CRM solution, the security business decided to work with The TM Group Inc. for a variety of reasons. The organization was impressed by The TM Group Inc.’s experience with front and back office operations. The business also wanted to partner with a local Microsoft Gold Partner.

The TM Group Inc. helped the security business implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Convenience was a major selling point, so the partners settled on a cloud-deployed system that could be easily setup, maintained and deployed to multiple users. The CRM solution also worked in conjunction with Office 365 SharePoint and Exchange Online to store and send documents and data.

The benefits
Instead of using multiple, separate programs, the company now relies on a centralized solution. The separate security system and staffing divisions share information on leads, opportunities and clients. The new CRM solution also keeps all projects moving on track.

Daily activities are now communicated throughout the company. When an internal sales team member contacts a lead through a phone call, they capture the details of the interaction through consistent procedures. If the lead converts to an opportunity, the entire sales department is aware and agents can begin email exchanges or arrange in-person meetings.

Each staff member utilizes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution through a dashboard designed for his or her needs. Internal sales staff has access to open leads and the status of phone call assignments. Sales agents can see what open opportunities need appointments. Managers receive a unified view of all activities. The system alerts them to opportunities closed within the last seven days and leads that need attention from either division.

Further, when the security staffing division receives monthly updates on expiring union contracts, they automatically get a list of phone numbers for potential clients that will need staffing. Once an initial phone conversation is successful, the lead automatically updates to an opportunity. An opportunity profile instantly creates activities employees can perform to turn the account into a client. Once conversion happens, the program starts a project.

The automated performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online saves employees time and prevents redundant activities. The security company worked with The TM Group  to implement process ribbon routines for leads, opportunities and other procedures. Certain tasks called for customization like modifying SharePoint to link documents at any entity level so they are still visible in account folders.

The future
While the company does perform separate services, it has a unified vision for success. One of the security business leaders said he was happy with The TM Group’s background because the CRM partner had the experience necessary to provide the entire company with the multiple benefits Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online could deliver. The security business now employs numerous CRM features to facilitate communication and visibility throughout the company.

When the business first contacted The TM Group regarding its need for an immediate CRM solution, they also expressed an interest in a new ERP solution in the future. The TM Group Inc. provides both CRM and ERP solutions and will work with the organization’s accounting department to determine which Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution best fits their needs.