Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 provides answers for company-wide questions

October 15, 2015 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 provides answers for company-wide questions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers simple solutions for data visualization.

Companies implement ERP solutions not just to simplify daily procedures, but to improve business practices as well. Software systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 feature business intelligence advantages that can help companies make decisions, plan operations and evaluate success.

Demand media said data-driven business intelligence is an essential tool for companies that want to get the most out of their resources and finances. Having reports created by data from all relevant business practices helps companies negotiate with partners and allocate capital and materials where they are most needed.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 provides solutions for companies looking for a system they can share with every business stakeholder. The updated features make it easy to communicate business intelligence information, integrate relevant data and utilize tools in daily practices.

Easy to read data
Companies that collect information from sales and financing need a solution that turns the data into usable insight. The Microsoft Development Network detailed how Dynamics NAV 2016 tools simply and automatically convert information into spreadsheets, charts and graphs.

The ERP solution offers an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to create visual representations of enterprise data. After collecting financial information into the centralized source, users can compare revenues to expenses in a bar graph, display different types of sales orders in color-coded pie chart or watch the linear progression of cash flow cycle procedures. An employee can then click on images to drill down and learn more about the facts and figures that went into the graph

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 data visualization helps company members in charge of finance report updates to outside parties. Business Communication Articles said graphs and charts are excellent tools for sharing data with viewers who are less familiar with the intricate processes involved in daily operations. Business reports that include materials highlighting important contrast or growth help busy executives find the relevant data necessary for vital decisions.

The cost and time requirements that usually stand in the way of graphical data display, are less of problem with a solution that builds materials automatically and has standard report templates. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is customizable so businesses create the workflow best for them.

Compare to other company information
Sharing data with outside parties allows a company to get a complete picture of operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates with CRM solutions and e-Commerce services, so every employee can profit from improved ERP business intelligence.

If CRM users can look up inventory levels on a central solution, they can communicate availability to customers. Companies that offer products online need ERP solutions that track the sale of both in-store and e-Commerce products. Complete sales, inventory and financial records create an accurate representation of business activities and needs. Decision-makers in every company department can use business intelligence to create projections with less chance of unseen surprises.

Integrating software into existing infrastructure should be a careful process. Companies interested in Microsoft Dynamics NAV should find an ERP consultant with experience in implementing new solutions into daily practices. A software partner can help a company prep its existing data and find ERP services that provide streamlined communication between all departments.

Mobile solutions
Individual users should voice their needs during ERP implementation procedures. One of the major benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is its mobile capabilities. Workers can access and update business intelligence on their personal phones and tablets while performing daily duties.

V3 said Wayne Morris, Microsoft’s vice president of the Dynamics division, believed mobile performance is a vital tool in the modern climate for small and midsized businesses.

“SMBs worldwide are looking to lower costs and compete more effectively with larger organizations,” Morris told V3, “and are turning to technology to help streamline processes, empower workers with insights anywhere and on any device.”

Workers can look up sales data and inventory levels while meeting with suppliers. They can use mobile business intelligence to share relevant facts and figures with business partners to negotiate agreements. Convenient data solutions also facilitate constant updates. Employees can log financial and sales details into a central solution as they happen. Managers who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 create business intelligence reports built on real-time information know exactly how operations progress.

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