Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is here and designed for business convenience

October 12, 2016 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is here and designed for business convenience

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides HTML 5 browser support.

ERP solutions are only effective when users know how to benefit from streamlined data processes and integrated information. Microsoft designs its business software with user preferences and demands in mind, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is an example of the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

The tools included with the Microsoft Dynamics GP update make ERP solutions available on a multitude of devices and allow users to save time while achieving the data performance they need. Here are some of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 features businesses find the most exciting:

The HTML5 browser
Previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP required a Silverlight plugin to work on mobile devices through cloud hosting. Now, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 offers a HTML5 web browser client. The ERP solution will work with any HTML5-supported browser, so business users can easily access the features on tablets and smartphones.

As the cloud becomes the go-to option for business data hosting, Microsoft designs products around a growing demand. described how the HTML5 web browser client is an extension of the software developers stated goal of ERP solutions available everywhere for everyone.

Power BI
Business Intelligence features are often heralded as a major benefit of ERP integration into normal activities. While many businesses start ERP implementation with goals for speeding up data processes and removing backoffice redundancies, once organizations recognize the benefits of complete information visibility, they begin to realize the full potential of business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics allows users to obtain this visibility much faster through personalized dashboards. Employees and managers can be greeted by Power BI reports on the system’s homepage so they can see results and relevant data as soon as they sit down to begin tasks.

All-In-One Doc
The visibility provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP goes beyond data and raw numbers. The All-In-One Doc feature provides users with the ability to see all transactions, reports and contracts relevant to particular clients and purchases on a single screen without having to constantly open and close pages.

This feature lets business users look at sales and inventory numbers at the same time. This not only means customer service representatives have complete transaction details when communicating with consumers, but decision-makers can reference all available financial and inventory resources when making plans or promises.

In the past, SmartList has often been a favorite ERP feature for many Microsoft clients. The Business Process Incubator said Microsoft Dynamics GP has two SmartList developments companies should find particularly helpful.

First, definitions created in SmartList Designer can easily be imported and exported during installs. Second, users can design SmartLists using previous favorites as templates. Both of these updates should save time and provide consistent performance for users that rely on SmartList to sort through records and other information.

Automation is another ERP solution that focuses on saving time. Not only do automated workflows help with backoffice responsibilities like document sharing, but alerts provided by ERP systems ensure projects don’t stall due to inactivity.

Businesses that neglected implementing automation in the past for fear of lack of control will be happy to know that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 offers workflow features with more diverse options so particular businesses can choose the ones right for them. Notifications sent by the system include delegations, escalation and alternate approvals.

Any company that currently uses Microsoft Dynamics GP with an active enhancement plan, should see these updates in the first half of 2016. If a business wants to begin their ERP implementation with this new product, it should reach out to an ERP partner that can communicate exactly what the latest Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems have to offer.

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