Mental Health Care Organization Heals Its Accounting Processes With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

March 16, 2022 Allie

Mental Health Care Organization Heals Its Accounting Processes With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client
Located in the midwest with several locations throughout the region, this client specializes in behavioral and mental health care for people throughout their county.


The Challenge
The ultimate aim for any health care organization is the ongoing wellness, recovery and healing of its patients, along with their complete satisfaction with the treatment that they receive. But for that to happen, the business side of things — namely, accounting and billing — must be managed effectively so patients and insurers can be billed for the health services that they receive. Additionally, given the compliance protocols that healthcare organizations are required to follow, every test, treatment, medication and exam that’s done or ordered must be reported and documented.  


That’s what this client was looking to improve. For a number of years, they were using a software accounting system called AccountMate. While the solution was serviceable, they wanted an alternative accounting solution that was more supportable and capable of performing more processes than their current system. Some of the improved capabilities they sought included better accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing and reporting functionality.


The Solution
Typically when clients come to The TM Group, they ask for our suggestions on the best ERP solution. But in this case, they already had a solution in mind: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Leveraged by small- and medium-sized organizations in a variety of industries, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an accounting and ERP solution that businesses from around the world use to streamline their operations, manage their finances and increase the visibility into their processes. Knowing what the solution was capable of, the client was looking for the best Microsoft partner to guide them through their implementation and contacted The TM Group.


Once the client told us their goals and the pain points they encountered with their legacy system, we highlighted several built-in features that would support their goals, including Account Dimensions which makes creating a chart of accounts and financial reporting much simpler.


In addition to recommending some other Business Central capabilities that would help address their needs (e.g. Cost Centers, Accounts Payable, etc.), we integrated the solution with PCE Systems, which provides electronic health record solutions for behavioral health organizations. The PCE integration was built with eOne SmartConnect, a digital integration engine that monitors and streamlines integrations.


Since the implementation, which took approximately 30 days to complete, Business Central has outshone this client’s previous system. With Dimensions, their reporting capabilities are more efficient and the quality of their reports has improved as well by contextualizing data in a way that their prior accounting system was unable to do. They also have greater visibility into their accounting processes.


Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud or simply leverage the variety of Microsoft enterprise resource planning tools available through the cloud, The TM Group can configure a solution that will help you become a more successful and flexible business. Contact us today and learn more about the client benefits we offer. 

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