Key cloud computing challenges all adopters must overcome

February 27, 2018 Ken Jacobsen

Key cloud computing challenges all adopters must overcome

An estimated 95 percent of organizations worldwide are running applications in the cloud, according to research from RightScale. What was once an enterprise technology trend is now standard across myriad industries. However, despite the prevalence of cloud computing technology, businesses are still working out the implementation and management kinks. In fact, most encounter issues along the way, experiencing the unique growing pains that come with swapping on-premise gear for cutting-edge cloud services.

Here are some of those common difficulties and proven techniques for addressing them:

Insufficient IT support
In many cases, companies moving to the cloud run into staffing problems – specifically, existing information technology personnel are not equipped to manage such services. There are multiple methods for dealing with this issue. For instance, many organizations enter managed service agreements, relying on external provider support. Others roll out instructional programs centered on the technology so internal technical specialists can get up to speed. 

Of course, the skill gap is not the only IT-related cloud conundrum. Existing workflows attuned to on-premises solutions often prove ineffective within cloud-based development ecosystems, CIO reported. In this case, the chief information officer should realign the IT department around the agile approach.

“Security is by far the most talked about subject among stakeholders considering cloud implementation – and for good reason.”

Security concerns
This is by far the most talked about subject among stakeholders considering cloud implementation – and for good reason. Cyberattacks continue to rise in number as hackers develop more potent methods for taking advantage of system vulnerabilities. Adopters normally address this issue
on multiple fronts, according to CIO. Most implement extensive early detection and mobile management systems while ratcheting up internal data security awareness training to arm employees with the knowledge they need to operate safely in the cloud.

Resource provisioning
Controlling costs associated with the cloud
has proven challenging for many firms, Digitalist Magazine reported. Why? IT teams must experiment in the backend to figure out how much space is actually required to run mission-critical applications and store assets online. Cloud provisioning levels and costs tend to fluctuate soon after implementation as a result. There is, however, an easy solution to this problem: partnering with a cloud services provider that can help estimate requirements and deploy the solutions.

Adopting the cloud involves far more than installing a solution. It requires long-term planning and customization. Providers must work with clients to design a cloud platform that fits the operation and therefore facilitates fiscal predictability.

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