ERP solutions help track inventory better

July 27, 2016 Ken Jacobsen

ERP solutions help track inventory better

Scanning shelves and inventory provides complete oversight for ERP solution users.

Barcoding software that works with ERP solutions is more convenient than ever. Small businesses can turn common mobile devices into barcode scanners or work with an ERP partner to implement complete inventory control systems using specialized tools and procedures. For example, Microsoft Dynamics GP users can acquire solutions from Panatrack or Appolis that integrates directly into the GP system.

Now that it’s easier to implement barcoding technology, print tags and design systems, it may be time for companies to start thinking outside the box when it comes to barcode deployment. Most small businesses start working with the technology when they’re looking for an inventory solution.

Equipment and inventory works in sync
Warehouse assets like pallets, crates, shelves and forklifts can provide companies with vital data on how inventory moves throughout a business space. Utilizing a barcoding system that works with products and company equipment could provide interesting insight.

The wiseGEEK information blog suggested placing barcode tags on shelves so workers can scan locations along with the items they store in the space. After proper implementation, companies can create warnings or data displays that prevent workers from placing inventory in the wrong location or losing track of production dates and backup stock. Placement and movement are valuable details when creating inventory records.

Watching how heavy equipment like forklifts or carts move through a space can help managers design picking paths.

Finding better employee solutions
The employees driving forklifts can also benefit from barcoding solutions. ERP integration into a warehouse or factory floor provides workers with information. The automatic alerts and data displays that accompany barcode scans of assets should provide employees with advice and details about how to perform tasks.

Efficient data collection procedures create instant communication between workers and managers. When employees report performance through inventory and asset movements, they create a complete picture of daily activities. Reviews and sit-down meetings can reference hard data instead of opinions. Should a manager need to correct behaviors or expand responsibilities, feedback can directly relate to actual performance metrics and projected goals visible in an ERP solution.29

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