Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory management through barcoding

September 13, 2015 TM Group

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory management through barcoding

Barcode scanners capture inventory data to Microsoft Dynamics GP systems.

The warehouse is a crucial part of many businesses. Manufacturers need supplies ready for production, retailers must have inventory available for distribution and managers need oversight of all business performance.

The data generated by warehouse assets, workers and inventory has to be part of a company’s information infrastructure. Businesses that utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP should consider data capture tools for warehouse reporting. Barcode systems can provide the real-time information necessary for optimal ERP data performance.

Warehouse integration
Microsoft Dynamics GP provides operation visibility to every user in the company. Information from sales, accounting, manufacturing and management all works together to streamline communication, automate procedures and inform decisions.

The warehouse needs to be included in that data stream. Business2Community stated inventory operations have a huge impact on supply chain flow and customer satisfaction. Sales needs proper inventory counts, manufacturing has to be alerted as soon as production supplies are received and customer support must be kept up to date with order delivery status.

Inventory workers don’t spend their days behind a desk. To input information to a company-wide system, employees who are walking the warehouse floor need tools that are as mobile as they are. Using mobile solutions, warehouse managers can access ERP software on their preferred personal device.

For quick and simple data capture, however, workers may need tools specifically designed for inventory reporting. Barcode scanners allow employees to capture the necessary information with a click of a button.

An improved mobile warehouse
Microsoft Dynamics GP works with barcoding technology. The system can capture and display data in a company’s preferred format. Equipment is programmed and labels are designed based on criteria given during implementation for simple, daily performance.

Workers using inventory tools can perform physical counts much more frequently. Software ThinkTank suggested paper inventory reporting is a tedious task that is prone to errors. Any time information is constantly rekeyed or passed through a variety of channels, it increases the likelihood of miscommunication.

With barcode scanners, the data is instantly delivered to the central information system. The convenience of the equipment makes it perfect for fast-paced shipping docks, allowing managers and supervisors to oversee supply order receipt and product distribution. Additionally, warnings and guidelines are established to ensure proper inventory movement.

Having product information – location, condition, age – available in a single platform improves order picking processes and cuts down on time from invoice creation to fulfillment. Production lines can track supplies on the company software and avoid shortages or other issues that halt production.

Implementation of new tools
Barcoding allows workers to contribute directly to the overall company performance. Implementation of the new strategy is a chance for employees to communicate their needs and see how technology adoption directly affects them.

Workers develop routines for daily operations, so introducing new strategies can sometimes be difficult. Workers who perform inventory counts and spend most of their time on the shipping docks should have a representative in a company’s barcoding implementation team. Equipment that works in conjunction with proven strategies as opposed to replacing them must be selected. Management and warehouse employees need to agree on what problems could be improved by new tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory management users should speak to their software provider about different barcode systems available. Implementation performed as a gradual process yields the best results. Panatrack advised companies to begin with core inventory solutions and then move on to Order Fulfillment and Automated Label Printing features. Companies can then try using the tools on the manufacturing floor or on shipping trucks. Each step of the process has to be checked against expectations for ERP data improvement.

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