Server Addiction Disorder: 12 Steps To Overcoming Cloud Reticence

Server Addiction Disorder: 12 Steps To Overcoming SAD

It’s why an estimated 94% of organizations globally have either adopted enterprise cloud computing solutions or kicked the tires with Software-as-a-Service platforms. However, with people being what they are—creatures of habit—that still leaves a substantial percentage who are sticking by what they know or barely leveraging the benefits of the cloud.
Sound familiar?

If so, you may have Server Addiction Disorder, or SAD. Although this condition can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, it’s generally characterized by a profound sense of fear for technology innovation, cloud computing being a classic example. But don’t be sad about SAD. There’s a cure—and it involves 12 steps. Following these can get you and your business on the road to recovery. Download our FREE eBook to start your journey.






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