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Microsoft Dynamics: The All-in-One Solution

Microsoft Dynamics: The All-in-One Solution Free eBook

SOLUTIONS THAT FALL UNDER the all-in-one methodology are designed to support 80% to 95% of the back-office business processes via closely integrated software suites that work together harmoniously. Being perhaps the most well-known software company, Microsoft offers several CRM/ERP solutions that also work with its Microsoft Office Suite and share a common data model that facilitates integration of their various suites and robust capabilities to build business
applications with full interoperability. Microsoft’s Common Data Model offers a collection of predefined schemas to simplify the integration, creation, aggregation, and analysis of data.

The Microsoft Dynamics all-in-one solution can offer a hybrid approach. Its diverse offering of the Dynamics suite of solutions, the Common Data Model, and multitude of prebuilt, best-of-breed add-on solutions allow companies to fulfill the majority of business requirements and then add a few key solutions to round out the suite.

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