October 19, 2021 Ken Jacobsen

TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Sales, Service and Marketing

The TM Group’s Cloud Solutions Team have created Microsoft SaaS Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Service and Marketing Microsoft Power BI Dashboards that are a must-have for any customer!

Microsoft provides Azure Application Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365, but it doesn’t automatically come set up and it really doesn’t provide a user-friendly way to monitor the data. The TM Group’s Cloud Solutions Team has set up Microsoft Power BI dashboards that allow customers to easily view system and user experience metrics to identify user and environmental issues that may be impacting your Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Marketing user experience. These Power BI dashboards allow monitoring of module-level performance metrics for users, reporting, and system integrations. This allows for the identification of system bottlenecks and provides detailed information for system support from ISVs, Partners, and Microsoft.

While the Cloud has the advantage of requiring less systems administration and overhead, it also presents the challenge of identifying server performance issues that may impact your users experience. Our dashboards and Microsoft Azure Application Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide the application performance metrics for cloud CRM environments as well as on-premise deployments that organizations need to ensure their users are not hindered by technology and can maximize their productivity.

Annual Subscription for TMGCLOUD SaaS Insights for Sales, Service & Marketing is $1,000. Initial payments are processed by PayPal and subsequent subscription renewals will be sent by email from The TM Group’s accounting department.  

Additional Microsoft Power BI Services are available from The TM Group’s Cloud Solutions Team. For more information, a demonstration, or to request a quote, please complete our contact form. (Click Here)

For Installation Instructions, please visit https://www.tmgroupinc.com/tmgcloud-saas-insights-for-sales-service-marketing-instructions/

For Terms of Use, please visit https://www.tmgroupinc.com/the-tm-groups-cloud-solutions-team-software-terms-of-use/