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Nolan Business Solutions, Advance Banking & Intercompany

Nolan Business Solutions, Advance Banking & Intercompany

Nolan Business Solutions’ Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite solutions are a seamlessly integrated to the applications and offer advanced functionality that streamlines accounting processes. Their experienced team of developers also offer highly quality custom services. With over 18 years’ experience, clients can be certain that Nolan will help them to save time and reduce costs.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Modules

Advanced Bank Reconciliation
Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed for companies processing high-volume of transactions, utilizing multiple bank accounts and/or multiple general ledger accounts that need to be reconciled for point-in-time balanced bank statements and audit trail capabilities. It is used in a wide variety of industries especially retailers, restaurants, and multi-location/multi-national companies.

Intercompany Postings
With Intercompany Postings for Microsoft Dynamics GP users are able to easily post intercompany transactions between different companies and different accounts automatically carried through where needed. This is ideal for Not-for-Profit organizations with multiple funds, companies tracking entries between companies or between accounts, and fund accounting for Government agencies.

Advanced Credit Control
If outstanding debts are having an impact on your cash flow, Advanced Credit Control for Dynamics GP will give your Credit Controllers the tools to easily identify and chase outstanding debts. This module could seriously improve your cash flow.

Advanced VAT
If you are required to deal with VAT, Nolan’s Advanced VAT for Dynamics GP offers compliance for this at a minimal cost.

Electronic Payments
To lower administrative and payment processing costs, clients can implement Nolan Business Solutions’ Electronic Payments for Dynamics GP which is integrated directly with the purchasing module. It will significantly reduce the time and cost for processing payments to suppliers and employees.

Offering an intuitive, functional, internet based procurement system, Nolan Business Solutions’ eRequest for Dynamics GP allows you to take control of your corporate budgeting and spending.

Invoice Approvals
Ensure incoming invoices are automatically routed to the relevant approver(s) via email with Nolan Invoice Approvals. This can be used as an extension of eRequest or as a standalone module for your purchase management process.

General Ledger Integration
Simply import data from external systems instead of having to key it into the system will saving you money and reduce errors. Nolan Business Solutions’ General Ledger Integration for Dynamics GP gives clients the peace of mind in the knowledge that the General Ledger is completely accurate.

InterCompany POP to SOP
Nolan Business Solutions’ IC POP to SOP for Dynamics GP speeds up the intercompany process between purchase order processing and sales order processing and reduces processing errors and increasing efficiency.

Sales Order Processing Import
If sales order processing is done in another application, with Nolan SOP Import for Dynamics GP you can automate the sales order processing from external systems, which will vastly reduce duplication, errors and administrative overhead.

Scheduled Cash Collections
Routine collection runs can be scheduled with Nolan Cash Collections for Dynamics GP to facilitate faster payments and improved cash flow.
NetSuite SuiteAps

Nolan Business Solutions’ SuiteApps are designed to enhance client’s NetSuite investments. NetSuite has even bought a Nolan add-on, which is now part of standard NetSuite functionality. Many of Nolan Business Solutions’ SuiteApps have attained the ‘Built for NetSuite’ Accreditation.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation
Importing bank BAI files or transaction types and automatically reconciling posted General Ledger transactions to an imported bank statement are possible with Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation for NetSuite. This solution will reduce the time required for bank reconciliation from hours to minutes.

Electronic Payments
An efficient and effective way to lower administrative and payment processing costs is to use Nolan Business Solutions Electronic Payments for NetSuite. Through its direct integration with the standard NetSuite system, it will significantly reduce the time and cost for payments to suppliers and employees.

An extremely powerful Software as a Service solution highly tailored to meet the industry specific requirements of IT resellers, NetSuite helps organizations manage their business and customers with one flexible, powerful business application that supports the product, service and support aspects of an IT reseller business.

Barcode Scanning
Clients can process inventory transactions in and out of the warehouse with Nolan’s Barcode Scanning for NetSuite. This solution simplifies processes as well as reduce time and costly mistakes.

Statement Direct
With Nolan’s Statement Direct for NetSuite the Bank Reconciliation process can be automated, enabling client to focus on more important tasks.

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