January 24, 2012 TM Group

Integrity Data, Payroll & HR Enhancements for GP

Integrity Data, Payroll & HR Enhancements for GP

Integrity Data extends Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll and HR Modules’ capabilities with leave management, accounting splits, enhanced retirement plans, FTE management, life insurance calculator, negative deductions and payroll, overtime rules, workflow management and much more.

The following are a few of Integrity Data’s collection of fantastic HR/Payroll enhancements:

Comprehensive Leave Manager
Comprehensive Leave Manager allows for the creation of codes and set policies for leave accruals, lump-sum allocations, and comp time. This saves time with mass updating, balance sharing and transfer, and automatic, intermittent FMLA instance creation and HRM Self Service Suite integration.

Employee Email Suite
With the Employee Email Suite direct deposit earnings statements and W-2 statements can be automatically and securely emailed as an encrypted Adobe PDF document. Employees can view these and other company notices instead of having to log into an employee portal. Please note that Adobe Acrobat, Direct Deposit and .net framework 3.5 or later are required.

Employee Accounts & Splits
Employee Accounts and Splits enables more complex functionality with handling the posting of payroll expenses to the appropriate general ledger accounts.

Enhanced Retirement Plans
Organizations offering benefits like 401(k) or 403(b) plans can utilize Enhanced Retirement Plans when they need to calculate maximum contributions across multiple deferred compensation and/or Roth plans, support catch up maximum contributions within the same plan, and manage employer-matched contributions based on tiers.

FTE Manager
FTE Manager allows for the budgeting of FTEs and dollars by department and position by fiscal year and fiscal periods and comparing actual versus budgeted figures.  It also can alerts users and require passwords when certain actions that affect budget.

Life Insurance Tax Calculator
Group Term Life Insurance Calculator based on the employee’s age and using the tables published annually by the Internal Revenue Service and the imputed income of an employer’s Group Term Life Insurance benefit will automatically calculate the tax. Additionally, during payroll processing the benefit amounts are automatically updated for both payroll and HR life insurance records.

Mid Pay Period Rate Changes
If an employee’s pay rate changes in the middle of a pay period, it can cause issues with how paychecks are calculated. Mid Pay Period Rate Changes automatically updates the transactions to reflect both the old and new pay rates for an employee within the same pay period.

Negative Deductions Enhancement
When employees leave, organizations need to reverse deductions such as health insurance or life insurance premiums can do so automatically with Negative Deductions Enhancement. This add-on enables Microsoft Dynamics GP to process negative deduction transactions during payroll processing, for situations that currently can’t be processed in GP Payroll.

Negative Payroll Transactions
Most organizations desire the flexibility to enter a negative payroll transaction rather than making time-intensive manual check transactions to make corrections and manage adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics GP to payroll amounts. Negative Payroll Transactions enable entering negative pay code transactions to reverse earnings on previous payroll runs for many pay types, including tips and piecework. Additionally, with this enhancement the adjusted leave balances are automatically updated.

Overtime Hours Rules
Overtime Hours Rules enables the management of overtime rules utilizing multiple methods of calculating overtime hours based on employee, department, position, or rules that are unique to certain states and companies. This can be managed on the basis of day, week, pay period, or all three combined and automatically calculates overtime during the payroll process.

Paycheck “What If” Calculator
Using the Paycheck “What If” Calculator, Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll users can process hypothetical payroll calculations to determine an employee’s new net paycheck if changes are made to employee pay, tax withholding allowances or deductions.

U-LINC Workflow Engine
The U-LINC workflow engine enables workflow anytime and anywhere for Microsoft Dynamics. Seamlessly within and across the existing Microsoft Dynamics system, U-LINC offer flexible and easy to use workflow capabilities that greatly improve organizational performance without having to change the way the organization does business.

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