January 24, 2012 Ken Jacobsen

Binary Stream, Multi-Entity & Solutions for Finance, Healthcare, IT, Real Estate, & Supply Chain

Binary Stream, Multi-Entity & Solutions for Finance, Healthcare, IT, Real Estate, & Supply Chain

Binary Stream provides a unique combination of Microsoft Dynamics product knowledge and niche vertical expertise. Their products support multi-entity organizations, as well as serving healthcare, IT, professional services, real estate, financial, and manufacturing and distribution market segments. Their Microsoft Dynamics add-on solutions enhance the native functionality of many modules, helping businesses improve their productivity and effectiveness. Their add-on include:

Multi-Entity Management
Binary Multi-Entity Management (MEM) allows for the consolidation of multiple company databases into a single Microsoft Dynamics GP database. With this solution you can easily add a new location or business unit, consolidate processing and reporting for a few or up to thousands of entities all while mitigating risk with a comprehensive security layer. With visibility across all entities, MEM offer comprehensive financial solution designed to keep total cost of ownership low by consolidating multiple databases just reducing costs and maximizing efficiencies.

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (ARED)
Binary Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals is particularly helpful for finance and insurance where there may be scores of prepaid policies. This solution offers automatic pre-paid policies on a scheduled basis, manages deferrals at the line item level, recognized deferrals evenly per period or on a per-diem basis, prepaid expenses recognized as they occur, revenue recognition based on straight-line method or based on specific milestones, and support for VSOE calculations (in compliance with FASB EITF 08-1 & SOP 97-2).

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB)
Binary Advanced Recurring Contract Billing allows users to automatically generate invoices on time and in batches and create a renewal at the end of the billing period. This solution also allows for periodic escalations to be added and linked to the CPI, combination of multiple types of charges on a single contract, the import of consumption data to enable usage-based billing, up to 40 user-defined fields, and integrates with CRM to manage critical customer relationships.

eMailer Manager
Binary eMailer Manager transmits policies, statements, or invoices to customers, in a single, automated batch that reduces document processing time and paper costs. Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP users, eMailer Manager allows key documents to be batch delivered to customers, employees and vendors by email or fax.

Sales Document Consolidation
Binary Sales Document Consolidation allows many invoices for a single customer to be consolidated into a single document. Sales Document Consolidation (SDC) streamlines processing sales documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP by allowing users to merge/consolidate multiple sales documents such as invoices, by user defined criteria.

Sales Document Splitting Manager
Developed to address the demand for an enhanced sales document processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Sales Document Splitting Manager enhancement is a simple and smart tool designed to allow you to easily split any sales document’s data by Item Class ID, Item, Location, and Location Bin to create separate documents

Internal Sales Distribution
Internal Sales Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics GP tracks and monitors internal sales distributions. If your business operates with multiple locations or sites and consistently processes intercompany sales or is having difficulty effectively accounting for internally consumed inventory, contact Binary Stream today to learn how Internal Sales Distribution can help reduce the administrative costs associated with processing intercompany distributions.

SOP Apply by Line
Binary SOP Apply by Line gives you the flexibility to record payments at the line item level and searching on your customer’s reference numbers as well as the document number. With access to full invoice/payment history by each line item, SOP Apply by Line Item can eliminate hours of A/R processing time.

SOP Auto-Fulfillment
SOP Auto-Fulfillment links as many Purchase Orders as possible or desired to partial Sales Orders to fulfill them based on a priority ranking, which you can control. Once partial Sales Orders have been fulfilled, they can be transferred into a new batch immediately to create invoices so that you do not have to search for the partial Sales Orders individually to invoice them.

Batch Transfer Manager
Batch Transfer Manager transfers orders, purchase, invoices, or existing batches into new batches, invoices, purchase orders, or orders to streamline transaction processing. If your business consistently produces orders, purchase orders, or invoices with the same data, contact Binary Stream today to learn how the Batch Transfer Manager can reduce your operational costs. The Batch Transfer Manager was developed as a foundation solution and is configured to meet each client’s unique work process.

Serial & Lot Number Processing
Serial & Lot Number Processing accelerates serial and lot number entry for organizations that receive a list of serial or lot numbers to input into the Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Inventory Control, Returns Management Authorization and Manufacturing modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

National Accounts Payable
Binary National Accounts Payable lets users consolidate their vendor payments using a head-office/subsidiary relationship allowing for the managing a single payment for multiple vendors’ invoices. Users can also easily cut one check to the parent account for two to hundreds of transactions with children companies.

EFT for Payables
Binary EFT Manager allows GP users to use more Canadian and UK financial institutions’ EFT banking capabilities with GP’s Payables and Receivables modules. In Canada, the CPA 005 standard is supported and in the UK, the BACS format is supported. Instead of trying to develop your own solution by spending numerous hours communicating with multiple banks, learning about their EFT formats, and testing the solution, use the cost-effective EFT Manager.

Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates
Binary Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates (VCPR) recognizes net discounts on purchase orders (POs) from suppliers and process rebates to suppliers from sales documents. It is seamlessly built in Microsoft Dynamics GP and helps users increase your profit margin by ensuring you always get the lowest price.

Investment Management
Binary Investment Management simplifies treasury management within Dynamics GP. It allows users to manage their portfolio’s performance including equities and fixed income instruments. With this solution the current share price can be pulled from the Internet, rather than entered manually. Additionally, using the Fund Management features allows for the creation of an investment pool from among qualified investors. Also, profits or dividends can be distributed to investors, either as a dollar amount, or percentage of the overall fund value.

Loans Management
Binary Loans Management greatly simplifies loan administration and makes it easier to quickly identify non-performing loans and increase the return on invested capital within Dynamics GP. This solution offers flexible loan setup options, extra charges such as mortgage insurance, negative amortization for interest-only loans, pre-defined inquiries, and employee loans can be linked to the Payroll module.

Healthcare Materials Management
Binary Healthcare Materials Management (HMM) streamlines the consumption-based supply chain management, working to reduce costly inefficiencies. HMM can optimize the supply chain by providing deep control of requisitions, procurement, fulfillment and consumption processes. Enhanced business intelligence provides a holistic view of the supply chain, delivering the insight needed to efficiently manage, and reduce, material costs for healthcare organizations.

Property Management
Binary Property Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP offers complex property lease details with sophisticated billing, lease creation and maintenance, accounting, and budgeting functionality. This solution enables users to manage all of the real estate business functions, such as accounting, lease administration, billing, and reporting. Using Property Management clients can escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, and other rate drivers such as cost per square foot. This solution will work for any real estate market, but also has extensive success in retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts.

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