March 22, 2012 Ken Jacobsen

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions experience complex operations challenges and limitations. They are confronted with budget cuts and staff cutbacks, all while taking on more students every year. Schools also need to comply with national reporting and accounting standards in order to receive any funding at all. This proves to be extremely difficult when institutions run off multiple technology platforms or Excel spreadsheets without a comprehensive view of their overall operations.

Enhance Financial Management, Project Accounting and Business Analytics with a Comprehensive Solution

The TM Group has experience with combining accounting, budgeting, data warehouse, and student information system solutions for educational institutions so that you have something that works together, bringing important data in one place so you can confidently comply with national standards and offer optimal education to students.

Benefits Educational Institutions Realize:

  • Automated accounting functionality for core financials, student information systems, records management, fund accounting, human resources/payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and grants management
  • Access to accurate and timely financial data
  • Enhanced collaboration with abilities to confidentially share reports with other departments
  • More control and insight into budget constraints that allow for better expense management tracking
  • Maximized funding through enhanced financial insight
  • Increased flexibility of payroll and human resource management to create unique teacher contracts and various compensation packages
  • Streamlined communications within the school community, improving employee efficiency and cross departmental collaboration