January 24, 2012 TM Group


Foundations and nonprofit organizations in the philanthropic community are under increasing pressure not to lose sight of their essential goals and strategies.  The adoption of innovative technology solutions can greatly help by providing better tools for control, flexibility and opportunity engagement with stakeholders.  Foundations often face multiple moving parts throughout the organization due to disparate systems and off-site offices, with many different people needing in-depth information to validate the impact on the overall mission.

Track, Collaborate and Improve Program Management with a Comprehensive Solution

Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NetSuite along with industry specific add-ons provides better insight for Foundations and charitable organizations to improve overall collaboration and operations. The TM Group has experience customizing these solutions for an organization’s specific requirements, providing an integrated solution for grant management, project management, event management and more.  You can stay better connected and solve problem areas faster by leveraging a streamlined solution.

Benefits Foundations Realize with Industry Specific Add-Ons:

  • Streamlined project management
  • Advanced insight into job costing and profitability of projects
  • Intuitive workflows for better budget control
  • In-depth insight into total funding parameters like where the funds are coming from and who the partners are for each project
  • Flexibility to adapt with foundational changes and regulation guidelines
  • Enhanced collaboration and tracking capabilities with Microsoft SharePoint improves communication and speeds up project reviews