January 24, 2012 TM Group

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive suppliers have their work cut out for them when searching for a complete manufacturing solution; the options are vast and their needs, unique. Unfortunately many organizations jump into a solution without identifying their specific needs. Having worked with a number of automotive suppliers on software implementations, we’ve found the following needs are essential:

  • Streamlined data transactions
  • In-depth insight to financials
  • automotive electronic data interchange (EDI)

Robust, Flexible and Easy-to-Use Solutions for Automotive Suppliers and Manufacturers

Automotive suppliers and manufacturers require streamlined production solutions to manage the automotive EDI, purchasing, production, and shipping processes specific to their business needs.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions provide the best-in-class financial management tools that are fully integrated with the certified add-on automotive manufacturing solution.

Benefits our automotive supplier clients realize with Microsoft Dynamics and Industry Specific Add-Ons

  • Easier access to data creates streamlined business operations and improves business decision making
  • Renewed trust in important business data with customizable and real-time reporting
  • Streamlined EDI management
  • Consolidated financial statements save companies time, reducing data entry and improving the accuracy of records
  • Enhanced project management capabilities
  • Improved compliancy to meet strict regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act