January 24, 2012 Ken Jacobsen

Associations & Not-For-Profit Organizations

Associations and nonprofits have the same business complexity of any other company, but the goal is sometimes different. Instead of focusing on increased revenue, they are dedicated to ensuring funds that help support their mission. The same business rules still apply, if not more so; they need to do more with less, staying efficient and effective in their everyday business processes with a very limited budget.

Focus On What Really Matters with a Comprehensive, Integrated Solution

Nonprofit organizations require unique capabilities such as donor or event management, employee time tracking, grant management, membership management, and of course overall financial management.  A comprehensive, integrated solution can help these organizations save significant time and money.   Microsoft Dynamics ERP & Microsoft Dynamics CRM make it possible to focus on the job that matters by effectively managing important customer and relationship information. They also help organizations do more with less by managing all the financial needs, accurately and in real-time – key to maintaining strong financial health, putting their mission at risk. Here are just some of the scenarios that may hinder these organizations:

  • Inaccurate donation, volunteer, or sponsorship tracking puts relationships at risk, negatively affecting the entire organization.
  • Manual entry and data manipulation wastes time and valuable resources.
  • Disconnected systems generate miscommunication across the organization and make projects extremely difficult to manage.

Benefits  Nonprofit and Association Realize with Industry Specific Add-Ons

  • Streamlined planning processes help expedite projects and important events.
  • Automatic tracking capabilities help ensure proper tracking of donation and sponsorships, solidifying important relationships.
  • Streamlined invoicing and collections management increases cash flow.
  • Strong financial reporting with detailed audit trails help organizations keep their peace of mind and stay compliant with tax regulations.
  • Easy integration with third party solutions.
  • Automatic reminders and collaboration features helps improve productivity and accountability.