Why CPAs Should Refer Your Clients to The TM Group | Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP

June 14, 2022
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June 14, 2022 Ken Jacobsen

Why CPAs Should Refer Your Clients to The TM Group | Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP

Your business clients turn to you for accounting and consulting services. But odds are they’re looking for work process solutions as well, whether they’re already in the cloud or seeking to migrate their data there. They’ll find the assistance they need through The TM Group. With more than 35 years of Microsoft software integration experience and clients in more than two dozen states — from various  industries — The TM Group is highly recommended by those who have worked with us previously. Indeed, more than 70% of our ongoing business derives from referrals. 

By recommending clients to The TM Group for their enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management needs, they will be in a better position, and so will you.  But there are several specific reasons why directing your clients to The TM Group makes good business sense for you and your clients. 

We complement your services

Known as “consultants” or “implementation experts” or “data migration technicians” and “value-added reseller,” we go by many different names at The TM Group. That’s because our capabilities and services go beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP implementations. But one thing we are not is a CPA firm. While many of our staff members have accounting backgrounds — some of whom worked for CPA firms — we don’t offer traditional accounting services; we provide the software solutions that make basic accounting and business management tasks easier to manage. Thus, The TM Group doesn’t compete for your business; we complement it. 

Award-winning value-added service provider
Speaking of value-added resellers, The TM Group was recently recognized by Accounting Today in their “Top 100 VARs” edition. As the publication pointed out in reference to those VARs making the list, leading resellers in the accounting space “served as crucial lifelines for their clients in more ways than one” during the pandemic.

But The TM Group is a regular award winner, recognized by Inc. Magazine in 2010, Accounting Technology Magazine numerous times over the last decade and many from the Microsoft Corporation over the years as a partner (i.e. Partner of the Year, Central Region Partner, Customer Satisfaction, et al).

 These speak to our track record of excellence in this mission critical space.

Supporting accounting systems and their clients since the 1980s
While we’ve specialized in Microsoft software business applications for most of our time while in business, we began as a full-service provider of both software applications and computer equipment. Technology has changed a lot since then — and so has our company, we now have three locations in Michigan and Indiana including our main office in Farmington Hills, Michigan. What hasn’t changed is where most of our business comes from: referrals from clients, CPA firms and IT organizations. That’s been the case since we first opened our doors back in 1984. If we didn’t deliver results, CPAs wouldn’t keep recommending us. 

Robust knowledge of Microsoft software products
Whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Dynamics 365 CRM solutions (Sales/Service/Marketing), Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Power BI or the many add-on solutions, The TM Group’s implementation and development teams have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the Microsoft solutions stack. We maintain accreditations in several applications in addition to and beyond the Dynamics 365 suite. These include:

  • Solver Reporting, Planning, and Data Warehouse Suite
  • Binary Stream Multi-Entity & Solutions for Family Offices, Finance, Retail and More
  • eOne SmartConnect
  • TM Group’s Microsoft SAAS Insights for Dynamics 365 Business Central Dashboards
  • And several more!

Emphasize implementation collaboration
All too often, implementation teams cut their client’s staff out of the process so they’re on the outside looking in. This is part of the reason why so many ERP implementations wind up failing. 

The TM Group prioritizes partnership for all software projects. This means our consulting and project management team members work in tandem with all clients so they’re always in the loop and know exactly what’s happening with the implementation from beginning to end. This not only ensures that the project goes according to plan but helps to diminish downtime. In short, The TM Group will adjust to the needs of your clients, not the other way around. 

Perform systems, cloud or data migration
Microsoft Dynamics Implementations are what The TM Group does, but most implementations also include migration services and some may also include development services as well. Perhaps your client already uses a Microsoft Dynamics solution on an inhouse server and isn’t at the point where they want to implement a replacement enterprise resource management system. Maybe they’re looking first to migrate Dynamics GP, SL or NAV to the cloud. The TM Group does that too. 

Alternatively, if they have a non-Microsoft product — like QuickBooks or a Sage solution — and want to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, The TM Group specializes in comprehensive implementation and data migration services as well.  No job is too big or small. 

Work with clients nationwide

Since our three offices are located in the Midwest, most of our clients are from this general area as well, specifically Michigan and Northern Indiana. But this isn’t the only region we support. Currently, we have small, midsize and large business clients in more than two dozen states and also outside the United States, several of which, like us, have more than one location. 

Bottom line: If your current clients are located far away from where we are, this isn’t an issue for us. With more than three dozen staff members between our three locations, The TM Group is small enough to have one-on-one relationships with our customers, but also large enough to best serve your clients needs. 

Team of experts that goes beyond implementation
Since most of the work we do is Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems implementations, most of our staff have a background in this area. But our experience goes much further. From consulting to development and project management, The TM Group has a deep bench of software specialists to comprehensively address all aspects of implementation. 

Support clients’ strategic initiatives
Beyond customer satisfaction, our priority is helping business owners set up the technological solutions that can help them make better decisions. But if there are certain strategic initiatives that your clients prioritize more than others — from increasing sales to smarter inventory management — we’ll prioritize these initiatives so we can help them achieve those goals. 

With the largest number of Microsoft Dynamics master-certified consultants onstaff that is headquartered in Michigan with a staff that has on average more than a decade of experience per member, these are just a few of the qualifications that make The TM Group worthy of your recommendation. And they’ll have you to thank. Have your client contact us or have one  of your partners contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the details of our referral program.

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