Sotfware as ART

“It is said that software implementation is a science. On the contrary, it is ART which is the foundation of everything we do and have done for 30 years.”

— Judy Thomas, President, The TM Group

What Does Our A.R.T. Process Mean To You?
As a client seeking a software partner… everything.
We promise you:


Our accountability doesn’t cease at the end of an engagement. Regular project status reviews, weekly client implementation calls, project meetings, budget reports and completion audits keep us on task and ensure we protect our clients’ investment in our software and services. Accountability underlies everything we do.


Our responsibility is to guide clients through the successful completion of their engagement and to ensure they not only achieve their original goals, but continuously get the most value from their solution. As a trusted advisor, we constantly ensure that our clients leverage their technology investment for future growth and profitability. Our responsibility to our team is to ensure a growing, nurturing and creative environment for them to succeed.


Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship we have and is the ultimate goal of every interaction with our clients, vendors and team. Not everything will go perfectly throughout an implementation, but we will work through the issues with you and minimize any disruptions throughout the process. We will be there with you through ups and downs, and we will work together as a team to deliver your solution.