January 24, 2012 TM Group

Solver, Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards, & Data Warehouse

Solver, Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards, & Data Warehouse

BI360 from Solver provides a complete reporting, budgeting, dashboards, data warehouse, and collaboration suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL and CRM customers as well as NetSuite. With out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, BI360 takes only a fraction of the time to implement compared to other BI solutions. The reporting and budgeting modules are based on Microsoft Excel and the dashboard module uses Microsoft Silverlight. Using BI360 from Solver, management teams can help their organizations drive productivity across their enterprise.

Featuring drag-and-drop ease of use and existing integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, BI360 Reporting is a powerful, intuitive report writer and much more.

The flexible Budgeting module includes full forecasting and modeling functionality that is fast to implementation. There are three types of input methods: standard templates, customized templates, or designing input forms for specific use.
There are budget input templates for income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, payroll, capital expenses, revenues, projects and more. Allowing multi-year budgets and rolling forecasts, BI360 also features break-back modeling, predictive analytics, allocations, spreading tools, line item details, text comments at any level, and advanced workflow with multi-step approvals, notifications and discussion areas.

Visualize trends, analyze organizational data, and get a better view of critical information with this solution. BI360 dashboards features web-based interface, integration to thousands of fields in Dynamics and NetSuite, rich graphical components, designer module with pre-defined layouts, drag and drop pre-linked graphical components, and the capability to be viewed with any device with a web browser.

Data Warehouse
Priced for the mid-market, the BI360 data warehouse is a pre-configured and customizable data warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server. The BI360 from Solver data warehouse features user-friendly/non-technical administrative interface, easy viewing and filtering of data and dimensions, scheduled automatic import or easy one-time import through user-friendly menus, pre-defined modules and dimensions,  advanced currency conversion, consolidation, elimination, and minority features. There are also pre-built connectors available to a number of popular data source and users can also integrate to virtually any database or file-based data sources.

BI360 collaborations allows users to start conversations, ask questions, post polls, share links and files or praise someone. Additional features include project and task management, private & public groups, external resources to be added to project conversations, document management, workflows, search, and business intelligence.

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