January 24, 2012 TM Group

Scribe Software, Integration and Migration Tool

Scribe Software, Integration and Migration Tool

Scribe Software’s data integration and migration tool helps people be more efficient and productive within an organization by sharing and synchronizing CRM and ERP data throughout an organization. It also allows for the import of that data from a wide variety of sources.  Scribe’s Connector portfolio includes connectors that work harmoniously with your legacy, cloud, and other business applications including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office, & Microsoft SharePoint. Scribe has more than 4,000 active customers using their applications every day.

Scribe Online’s Award Winning Cloud Integration Service
Connect Cloud to Cloud applications or Cloud to on premise with the Scribe Online integration service. Scribe Online Platform provides the technology and toolsets for an integration developer to embed integration or build their own custom connectors via a web service.

Scribe Insight
For those that prefer an on premise based integration solution for legacy and hybrid needs, Scribe Insight is a tired and true integration application that you can code, build, and distribute integrations unique to your particular business requirements.

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