January 24, 2012 TM Group

SalesPad, Enhancing Sales & Customer Service in GP

SalesPad, Enhancing Sales & Customer Service in GP

SalesPad provides tools that enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Sales/Customer service interface as well as data collection and simple, inexpensive integration to UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. SalesPad is the leading add-on for Dynamics GP in the distribution wholesale, manufacturing, and retail industries.

SalesPad GP
An all-in-one order entry, inventory and sales management solution, SalesPad GP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP and simplifies the entry of all sales documents, quotes, orders, invoices, or returns.

SalesPad Mobile GP
With SalesPad Mobile GP users can access and manage sales, customer, and inventory data while on the go. Microsoft Dynamics GP users can manage their customers, inventory, and sales documents from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device with SalesPad Mobile GP.

DataCollection GP
Warehouses can have more accurate inventories and operate more efficiently with DataCollection GP. Running on barcode-scanner-equipped Windows mobile devices, SalesPad DataCollecion integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

ShipTo GP
Managing your shipping operations with ShipTo GP allows orders to ship quickly and reliably. It also imports shipment data to UPS or FedEx, processes the shipment and writes back the costs and tracking numbers to sales orders. ShipTo GP works with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and USPS Mail shipments via UPS Mail Innovations.

Additions GP
Additions GP allows users to utilize user defined fields, view Sales Batch Processing, and more.

Email Add-in for GP
SalesPad ERP users can synchronize their calendars and integrate incoming and outgoing customer and prospect emails with SalesPad and Microsoft Outlook making it easier to keep track of interactions with customer and prospects.

Mobile Boards
MobileBoards are designed to make business easier by allowing users to see on one screen the information they choose when and where they need it.

Card Control
CardControl allows for the secure processing of credit card payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP, SalesPad GP, or SalesPad ERP. All payment processing and verification can be watched as it happens. This includes level 2 & 3 verification processing, as well as address & zip code verification, when it is supported by the cardholder’s bank.

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