April 9, 2015 Ken Jacobsen

Rockton Software Productivity Improvement Tools

Rockton Software Productivity Improvement Tools

Rockton Software provides additional features like auditing, pricing, reporting, and user or administration enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP that will improve the productivity and performance of organizations.

SmartFill for Microsoft Dynamics GP
SmartFill speeds up Microsoft Dynamics GP’s data entry by enabling users to type into a search bar and having match listed to choose from. As a Google-style data search tool, SmartFill increases data entry by 83%. It includes over 3,700 pre-defined lookups are built-in plus organizations can also create custom lookups on the fly. Even by entering only a few letters of a name or item ID, SmartFill will suggest possible matches to choose from and thus speed up data entry.

Auditor for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Rockton’s Auditor a simple and robust auditing tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP and any add-ons. It is perfect for any organization desiring to protect their data integrity, or facing compliance audits such as SOX legislation. With this auditing enhancement clients utilize flexible setup and tracking options to determine the level and type of tracking desired in Microsoft Dynamics GP or at the Microsoft SQL database level. The auditing system will even notify users by email when changes happen in the system. Additionally, changes can be controlled before they are made with E-Sign which can require users to obtain supervisory authorization before changing the data.

Dynamics GO Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Featuring 25 helpful tools in one convenient package, Rockton’s Dynamics GP Toolbox includes a ton of functionality designed to save time, money, and frustration. These tools enhance system security, accelerate IT administration, simplify business processes, and improve the overall user experience. Included tools: Password Policy Options, Inactivity Timeout, User Lockout, Safe Login, Redirect, and Security Manager, Version Pro, Login Logging, System Lockout, and Conditional Field Level Security, Reason for Hold, DocSync, Payment Approval, Period Open/Close, and Reset Batches, Mentor, Inspector, PopUps, and Widgets.

Omni Price for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Rockton’s Omni Price works with and enhances GP’s standard pricing. Using the multiple contract pricing options organizations can specify which customers, items, or dates to use to drive special pricing and prioritize their contracts to for the system to utilize to find the correct price. There is also a comprehensive pricing matrix with 11 variable pricing calculations to use to create special pricing calculations such as fixed price, fixed adjustment, percent of cost, percent of price, discounts, markups, and margins. Additionally, optional date filters allow organizations to define date ranges for valid pricing to accommodate special promotions using the mass update tool to update all, some, or one contract at a time. Omni Price also simplifies pricing markdowns or adjustments by allowing users to change a unit price or keep the original price and apply the difference to the markdown amount and map markdowns to multiple GL accounts.

Dynamics Report Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Manage and print all of Dynamics GP reports without having to install or launch any external applications to do it with the Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  DRM offers a centralized, intuitive interface, that allows users to group, sort, manage and batch reports to print to paper, print to screen, email, schedule or save to a file (PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML).

Rockton’s DRM allows you to launch your reports from a variety of sources and programs, including:

• Crystal Reports
• SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
• FRx
• Management Reporter
• Report Writer
• Microsoft Word and Excel
• Any Dexterity-based third-party program

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