January 24, 2012 TM Group

Reporting Central, Reconciliation, Compliance, and Allocations Tools

Reporting Central, Reconciliation, Compliance, and Allocations Tools

Reporting Central has fabulous tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP users that streamline the reconciliation process, enhance compliance capabilities, simplify allocations, intercompany voiding and more.

The Closer
Reconciling, balancing and closing the books in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be simple with The Closer. Using this tool, the process of manually “ticking and tying” is completely eliminated and users will never take a write-off because of an unexplained variance again. With The Closer, month, quarter and year-end processes are completely streamlined and the reconciliation process can be completed in seconds. The Closer reconciles the General Ledger to Payables, Receivables, Cash, Sales, COGS, Fixed Assets, Tax, Accrued Purchases, Intercompany, Inventory by Site/Class, HITB Inventory by Site/Class, and Customer Deposits.

The Validator
Utilizing The Validator enables validation of critical system and data components of Microsoft Dynamics GP including set-ups and master data files. The Validator provides a detailed view of potential issues by inspecting over 100 key points and offers guidance for resolution in less than 15 seconds. By running The Validator once a month organizations can stay on top of their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution and enjoy greater data integrity and reduced risk.

The Allocator
Reduce the time spent processing allocations for payables distributions and journal entries across multiple companies, locations, or departments with The Allocator. With this tool users can manage complex tiered allocations across multiple companies or within a single company database and set-up, maintain and apply Fixed or Variable allocations. Additionally The Allocator can automatically calculate multi/inter-company allocations and review or edit allocations before final posting to the system.

The Corrector
The majority of issues identified by The Closer involve coding errors. With Microsoft Dynamics GP out of the box functionality the only way to correct these errors is an un-related journal entry. However with The Corrector, users can now select the AP distribution lines that need correction, and automatically generate a journal entry including historic information.

Dupe Check Vendor
Users can maintain consistent vendor information across all companies with Dupe Check Vendor. Before you add a new Vendor, Dupe Check does a FUZZY search to ensure there is not a similar vendor in terms of Name, Address or Doing Business As across all of your company databases. Eliminating duplicates reduces the risk of paying invoices twice.

Dupe Check Voucher
In today’s business environment with scanned and e-mailed documents being the norm, it is harder than ever to avoid paying invoices twice. With Dupe Check Voucher, as soon as a Document Number is entered in a new voucher, it will searches across all companies to ensure that the invoice has not been paid in another company. If it finds a possible duplicate, a warning screen appears.

Inter-Company View
With Inter-Company View the users in the source company can see the entire inter-company transaction. Accounts payable staff can answer questions about inter-company transactions without a lengthy research project.

Inter-Company Void
With Inter-Company Voids the target company’s portion of the inter-company entry is automatically voided if the source company side of the entry is voided.

Batches for Bank Transactions
Batches are used throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP, but not with bank transactions. However, with Batches for Bank Transactions users can now use batches with Bank Transactions.

Un-Editable Notes
Ensure that Notes within Microsoft Dynamics GP are never erased with the Un-Editable Notes module.

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