April 15, 2015 Ken Jacobsen

mc², Advanced Intercompany & Automation Tools for GP

mc², Advanced Intercompany & Automation Tools for GP

mc² develops add-on applications that expand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP for  scheduling or emailing documents, and  managing intra- and intercompany transactions.

GP Agent
With this add-on, clients can quickly and easily email any Microsoft Dynamics GP document: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Remittance Advice, Statements and more. When users select Sales or Purchasing transactions individually or as a batch, the GP Agent will instantly find the email address from Microsoft Outlook or within Dynamics GP.  This even works with posted, un-posted, historical or open documents. And, documents can also be sent to multiple recipients by creating distribution lists for a customer or vendor, or by adding the address to the document.  Users can even add a personal note to each email.

The GP Agent can also schedule posting for any transaction posted from a batch including General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Sales Order, Purchasing, Payroll, Inventory and even SOP Transfer!  Using this add-on reports can be scheduled to print when they are wanted to be printed, and clients can email or faxed to your customers. Additionally, routines and maintenance such as Inventory or Sales Reconcile, Aging or Finance Charge assessments, or even custom SQL, Dexterity scripts or Check Links process can be scheduled.

Advanced Intercompany Transactions
The mc2 Advanced Intercompany Transactions for Microsoft Dynamics GP lets clients manage more multi -company accounting transactions.  Users can use Allocation Templates to automatically calculate distributions, or be entered manually for any GL Journal Entry, Payables Voucher, Bank Transaction, Receivables Sale, Purchase Order, Inventory Transfers or Payroll Transaction to as many companies and accounts as needed.

Product highlights:
• Cross-Company Drill-Down
• Cross-Company Allocation Formulas
• Comprehensive Cross-Company Verification
• Complete Transfer of Transaction Detail
• Cross-Company Voided Transaction Reversal
• SPARC (automatic intercompany)

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