January 24, 2012 TM Group

Liaison, Email & Archiving of Financial Information

Liaison, Email & Archiving of Financial Information

Liaison Software specializes in products designed to improve output, storage and archiving of important financial information. Messenger automates the emailing, faxing, printing, archiving & filtered routing of business forms based on Dynamics data. Messenger EFT focuses specifically on transmitting vendor notifications. Messenger Direct Deposit focuses specifically on transmitting Direct Deposit Statements to employees via print or in a secure PDF.

Liaison Messenger EDD
This ultimate Output Document Management server and scripting tool allows for the creation and automation of processes for any company or department that is running any system.  A unique blend of electronic document delivery options, workflow automation, document assembly and fulfillment, document conversion, and user collaboration capabilities all in a single system.

Liaison Messenger EFT (Accounts Payable)
Liaison Messenger EFT allows for secure Payment Notifications to Vendor recipients to be sent once their electronic funds transfer has taken place. This eliminates all manual faxing and emailing of payment notifications.

Liaison Messenger DD (Direct Deposit)
Email 128bit encrypted, password-protected Direct Deposit statements to employees with Messenger Direct Deposit. This solution reads each employee’s contact information from the Accounting System’s Payroll module. If needed, Liaison Messenger DD can also fax DD statements to employee’s personal phone/fax numbers.

Liaison Messenger FORM
With Liaison Messenger FORM, organizations can start batch Faxing, Emailing, Multi-Printer Routing and Archiving all of your documents eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms.

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