November 19, 2013 Ken Jacobsen

Fastpath, Security, Audit and Compliance Solutions

Fastpath, Security, Audit and Compliance Solutions

Assigning security, analyzing access, monitoring segregation of duties risks and target system changes are on-going challenges for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP Solutions. Fastpath has designed a comprehensive toolset specifically for Dynamics that streamlines user security and satisfies audit compliance requirements. Fastpath provides comprehensive auditing solutions which automate and simplify compliance for Dynamics. The Fastpath software developers and team of Certified Internal Auditors have developed audit templates, segregation of duties rules and key audit reports that make continuous compliance achievable.

FastPath Assure is a risk based security access review and segregation of duties (SOD) analyzed by user, role or business function analysis platform for comprehensive security auditing, monitoring critical transactions and controlling key access. With this tool users can identify security conflicts within their ERP application and provide the necessary internal and external documentation for auditors. Users can propose, approve and implement resolutions and mitigations with FastPath Assure throughout the audit process. Users can review and sign-off on controls, mitigations and user access within their CRM/ERP solution as well as any third party add-ons and custom functionality.
Available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, CRM, and NetSuite.

Identity Manager
Fastpath Identity Manager allows users to request, review and approve Dynamics security without IT intervention. Business process owners can request, approve and manage Microsoft Dynamics security online by generating automatic submissions for management approval. Approvers gain visibility to all SOD risks prior to granting access and once approved, users are created automatically without IT having to get involved. Simple to use and intuitive reporting tracks all changes to security access.
Available for GP, NAV, and CRM.

Config AD
FastPath Config AD allows users to maintain user provisioning in Active Directory by integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM with Active Directory thus providing heightened security and streamlined security management. Config AD moves all user provisioning to the IT help desk and eliminates potential security conflicts or even needing the Microsoft Dynamics application installed by removing all user administration from Microsoft Dynamics. Using one window for both CRM and GP administration, Config also handles automatically synchronizing Active Directory user disables/deletes with Microsoft Dynamics.
Available for GP, and CRM.

Audit Trail
Fastpath Audit Trail is a continuous monitoring solution that tracks all changes to critical data inside of Dynamics as well as Microsoft SQL. It monitors and tracks all changes to critical systems data whether made from external sources or within the target system including the source of change, user initiating the change and before/after values including deletes. Template settings and reports ensure you are getting the data needed for auditing. This solution not only allows for the review and sign-off on changes, but also exports reports in multiple formats including PDF and Excel. For Dynamics CRM, Audit Trail also offers Privacy Auditing (also called view auditing).
Available for GP, NAV, SL, CRM.

Audit View
Fastpath Audit View is a report design and scheduling tool that allows non-technical users to build and schedule key audit reports on an “as needed” basis without the need for someone in the IT department. The Audit View Reports Wizard allows a business user to select and save criteria for a given report as needed with options for scheduling the report to be emailed to any user via Excel or PDF attachment.
Available for NAV, and NetSuite.

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