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EOne Solutions: Reporting, Integration & Other Tools

EOne Solutions: Reporting, Integration & Other Tools

eOne’s focus for the past seven years has been to make GP more flexible and configurable for our clients. With more than 12,000 modules sold, eOne has truly been adopted by Dynamics GP clients wanting to take GP to the next level. SmartConnect is simply the easiest and most flexible integration tool for Dynamics in the market. Integrations into Dynamics GP, into Dynamics CRM, and between the two products has been made as easy as using SmartList Builder. Users can now do all their data entry straight into Excel and have it appear in Dynamics GP. eXtender, Navigation List Builder and Flexicoder are all tools that fit the flexible and configurable requirements of the Dynamics GP product.


eOne SmartConnect can take data from any source and create records within Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and SalesForce.com. Using a drag and drop user interface for configuring the creation of records within any of its destination applications from any source of data, SmartConnect leverages eConnect, Microsoft CRM web services and the Sales Force API and has transformed the integration process from being a developer experience into an easy to use end user toolset.


eOne SmartView provides an alternate, fast and flexible interface to all existing SmartLists. SmartView is available both inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP and also outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Since you probably don’t want everyone to see all the data, you can use SmartList Builder, SmartView Favorites and SmartView security to control and configure the SmartView experience.


eOne Extender is a tool that allows regular people to build brand new screens within Microsoft Dynamics GP and connect these new screens together to build your custom mini-applications. You can link from one screen to another, add your new screens to Microsoft Dynamics GP menus and add all your new fields into SmartList. You can also define fields as required fields that appear in red and bold, and add your fields to Microsoft Dynamics GP reports.


eOne Flexicoder provides the flexibility to ensure product sales are posted to the right accounts within the General Ledger. Once setup Flexicoder, works in the background. In Flexicoder setup you define all of these segment based rules. When an invoice is entered, imported, saved or posted Flexicoder kicks and recodes the transactions based on your rules.


eOne SmartList Builder allows the creation of both brand new SmartLists or modify existing SmartList. You can link up to 32 Dynamics GP tables together. Tables can be standard GP tables, any of the Third Party (ISV) tables, any SQL table, SQL views or SLQ Scripts, other SmartLists or Extender resources.

Excel Report Builder

eOne Excel Report Builder has all the functionality of SLB, but rather than generating a SmartList, it generates an Excel Spreadsheet with a live connection back to Dynamics GP data. This means you have live refreshable reports, anytime you need them.

Navigation List Builder

eOne Navigation List Builder allows users to access any GP data in the Navigation List environment. Improve the efficiency of the Navigation Lists by restricting that data for each list – rather than running the initial list that may contain millions of records. Connecting actions with the new lists adds the real power to Navigation Lists. You build specific lists for certain roles or individuals and then link up all the things that user need to do with that data..

Drill Down Builder

eOne Drill Down Builder completes the functionality of Excel Report Builder by letting you drill from your spreadsheet back into that same record within Dynamics GP. Where Microsoft hard codes a drill down – eOne make it completely configurable to allow you to drill down to any screen in Dynamics GP. This is an essential part of bringing the most common business tools together. Working in GP and Excel all day – it only makes sense to auto-switch between one and the other.


A modern business uses more than 15 different software applications. Reporting in silos limits how well your team can do their jobs. Manually consolidated reports will have errors and be inaccurate. Popdock integrates all your data from on-premise and cloud applications into a single app – in real time. Popdock is the answer for all your integrated BI and daily reporting needs.



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