November 5, 2013 Ken Jacobsen

AdvTrex GP Productivity Tools

AdvTrex GP Productivity Tools

AdvTrex provides TitaniumGP, their use tools that increase productivity in Microsoft Dynamics GP. There is even a free version that allows users to copy/paste journal entries and chart of accounts directly from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

TitaniumGP Copy/Paste
Bringing the ease of “copy/paste” into Dynamics GP transactions, TitaniumGP allows users to copy detailed lines in Excel and paste them into the GP windows.

TitaniumGP Save to Excel
If users want to save a GP document in Excel, TitaniumGP’s Save to Excel tool allows users to simply open a document in GP, use the menu command to “Save to Excel”, and then choose the path and file name for the  document.

TitaniumGP’s Elastic Windows
The opportunity to grow the functionality of a GP window is endless with TitaniumGP’s Elastic Windows Tool.  This tool allows users with the propoer permission to add new fields of any SQL Type to the GP window.  Additionally, information changes can be automatically viewed based on the curser position in the window by adding tables or views that follow a naming convention.

Menu Code and Search
A new and simple way to launch Dynamics GP windows, Menu Code and Search
Allows users to use a shortcut code to open the window they need inside Dynamics GP. For example, to launch the Customer Maintenance Cards simply enter CSC in the Menu Code/Search box and press enter. There is a complete list of all commands included in product documentation.

Next ID
A simple but comprehensive way to determine what should be the next ID for Customers, Prospects, Vendors and Inventory Items, Next ID uses a series of parameters or entity name to create the next id. This works with customers, vendors, items, prospects and employees.

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