March 12, 2015 Judy Thomas

Accountable Software BI, Printing, & Inquiry Tools

Accountable Software BI, Printing, & Inquiry Tools

Accountable Software has been delivering innovative, useful, and dependable BI applications, specialized forms printing solutions, and inquiry tools for more than 20 years for Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and NAV.

BI Reporting Platform For Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV
The BI Reporting Platform allows access to reports over the web in Microsoft SharePoint through Web Parts, in Microsoft Office Excel through the Excel Add-In, and in SQL Server Reporting Services through a Data Extension. Featuring a user friendly and easy to learn interface, The BI Platform allows users to both find reports they need faster and design reports easier with a graphical report builder that allows previewing the layout as you design. Multi-company reporting is also as simple as clicking a checkbox with The BI Platform and interactive reports are possible with users providing input during report generation. Having a role based, Windows Authenticated, and Forms Authenticated user access security model enables the control of access down to individual rows and provides one of the most robust security model of any reporting product in the Dynamics space. Additionally, The BI Platform supports SQL Stored Procedures, custom SQL Queries, Aggregate Queries, Themes and Customization Support, and ASP.NET 2.0 + Support.

Forms Printer for Dynamics GP: Replaces Report Writer for SOP, POP, RM, and more
Forms Printer replaces Microsoft Dynamics GP’s standard report writer and facilitates seamless interaction between the Dynamics GP application and Business Objects Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services. The solution includes 40 report templates for each reporting tool and includes data from all third party products, and customizations. It also supports SQL views, stored procedures, and  display the whole note fields for sales documents and purchase orders.   Reports can be delivered in a variety of formats and to a variety of destinations including PDF (without an Adobe license), HTML, Excel and others.  And, the delivery of reports can be defined for automatic export to file, screen, printer and email.  Users can even create unique reports for specific customers/vendors or for each customer/vendor and control delivery to each customer/vendor with customized emails, and exports.

ZipAssist for Dynamics GP
ZipAssist will automatically fill in the city and state information, and add the correct Zip+4 in all core GP module an address cannot be fixed automatically, ZipBrowser can be used to query the US Postal Service database and when the correct address is located the Update button will trigger ZipAssist to fill in the correct address. Additionally, ZipAssist can standardize address spellings and ensure correct addresses and save money on undeliverable mail, Save on address correction fees from Third Partly Shippers, Provide faster data entry and reduce keystrokes, Determine whether the address is a street or P.O. Box, Add Zip+4 infrmation for more professional mail presentation, and Ensure the correct city and state are entered for tax calculations.

INQUIRY for Dynamics SL
INQUIRY is an ad-hoc query product that is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics SL’s security. It displays user friendly names of fields, tables and queries and allow users to drill into and navigate directly to the Dynamics SL screens that display the data source of query results. It comes with a set of 20 plus queries that span most of the SL modules, or users can build their own using the INQUIRY Builder using data from Dynamics SL or any other databases in their network. This robust and intuitive tool offers powerful end user functionality including ‘on the fly’ grouping, totaling, savable favorites,  column metrics automatically created for every column, and an advanced search capability. Offering a visual environment loaded with intuitive functionality, INQUIRY features a unique presentation of parent / child data and navigation that makes finding queries fast and logical.

AnyView IDS for Dynamics GP
AnyView IDS has been replaced by the BI Reporting Platform. BI Reporting represents a more powerful version of AnyView Brower’s revolutionary functionality and features a fresh new interface with integration to Business Portal, Sharepoint, Excel and SQL Reporting Services. Accountable continues to maintain and support AnyView Creator and Browser for future versions of Dynamics GP.

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