Intacct connects seamlessly with a company’s previous business systems, and it is ready to integrate with any new applications the user may want to add tomorrow. So, the user is free to choose business applications based on functional fit, not integration concerns.

Business leaders should discuss goals for new data procedures.


Intacct puts user-friendly configuration options in the hands of the finance team, so a business can easily tailor their solution to work exactly the way they need it to. With Intacct, a company can adapt to business changes without losing efficiency or waiting for IT to modify their system & keep pace with changing reporting requirements. Intacct tailors a company’s own transaction screens without requiring IT support & increases efficiency by automating your unique document workflows without customizing.


Leverage the Intacct Platform to add new functionality to Intacct, or even to build stand-alone applications outside the domain of financial management.

Salesforce Integration

What do you get when you connect Intacct with Salesforce CRM? A full view of every customer. A streamlined quote-to-cash process. And more productive communication between sales and finance.