January 24, 2012 TM Group

Retail & Grocery

Keeping tabs on the inventory that seems to fly off the shelves of retail and grocery stores can be an overwhelming task.  When hundreds to thousands of items are shipped in and sold on a daily basis, you can quickly become buried in a mountain of shipping receipts and invoices.   Making sure your customers are able to find and purchase the items they want is important.  If you don’t have the products customers are looking for, you’ll lose sales and customer loyalty which deeply affects your bottom line.

Keep your Customers Coming Back with a Comprehensive Software Solution

Whether you have a single location or multiple retail or grocery stores, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite and our industry specific add-ons can help you control inventory so you always have the products that your customers want.  Managing inventory and spotting peak purchasing times or items can give you the insight to stay steps ahead of competitors.  Access to real time financials, inventory levels, and complete customer data will improve sales and strengthen vendor relationships.

Benefits Retailers and Grocers will Realize with Industry Specific Add-Ons

  • Enhanced visibility into customer data, sales history, and top products to optimize sales opportunities at single locations or throughout corporate-wide locations
  • Real-time insight to financial, inventory, supply chain and vendor, and customer data
  • Accurate procurements and better business forecasting with integrated inventory and sales data
  • Improved customer satisfaction because you always have the products that your customers are looking for
  • Automated inventory processing provides real time inventory data, helping suppliers replenish products and customers find the items they want
  • Customized reporting features to share sales data with vendors, the procurement team, and share updated financials with directors or shareholders