January 24, 2012 TM Group

Professional Services

Completing projects on time, within budget, while providing superior customer service can be a challenge to those in the professional service industry.  Managing staff, monitoring multiple projects, and keeping clients apprised of progress can be a delicate balancing act.  With the right technology, you can meet these challenges head on and grow your business at the same time.

Generate Greater Customer Satisfaction with a Comprehensive PSA Solution

Professional service firms must rely on their most important business assets – your knowledge, project team, and ability to satisfy your client’s needs on time and under budget.  Using powerful business management and project accounting software, like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and NetSuite solutions, along with industry specific add-ons, allows you to pro-actively manage your projects with greater efficiency, improved profit margins, and superior customer service.

Benefits our Professional Services Clients Realize with Industry Specific Add-Ons:

  • Manage contracts, project activity, and cost details on each project in real time.  Accessing project data in real time will eliminate bottlenecks, control budgets, and easily keep clients up-to-date with project status
  • Automated approvals, updates, and billing will save you valuable time
  • Insight into true cost of projects, including billable time and expenses, to learn where you can streamline activities, improve services, and provide more accurate quotes
  • Customized templates and reporting that reduce the time and expense of generating commonly used documents
  • More control over your team, no matter where they are located, with web-based tools
  • Improved collaboration will eliminate common delays and keep the team on task. Getting projects completed faster means deadlines won’t be missed and budgets won’t be surpassed